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A Critical Point for New Beginnings - New Moon in Capricorn December 23, 2022

By Carrie Gane

At 4:16 a.m. CST on December 23. 2022, we will have the new Moon and Sun in Capricorn opposite Earth in Cancer. All three will be squaring Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter will be in the critical 0 degree. The new Moon, the Sun and the Earth will all be in the critical, beginning 1st degree.

When we see cardinal planets (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) in the final degree- 29 degrees- it is at a crisis point of learning and completion. The 29 degree asks “Have we mastered this lesson and the energy of this sign's wisdom yet?” In the 0 and 1st degree, these are critical moments for us to understand and use the planet's energy in new, updated ways. No more of the same old, same old. The 0 and 1st degree are a critical time to release the old so the new can begin forming.

Jupiter energy at 0 degrees does give us the motivation, the angelic support and the benevolence to choose to expand into a new cycle of being, learning, wisdom and action. It can be a great blessing. Yet, we are tasked with lifting our eyes to our Divine sight and releasing our stubbornness. We must start seeing through the eyes of the Divine- which holds no judgment, no anger, no stamp of right or wrong, no polarity, no lack, no hostility. We will also need to connect with the opposing partners of Mercury and Gemini for their assistance in bringing discernment and union with our Divine Mind. Mercury and Gemini bring the ability to take all the common sense and life learning and raise it to a higher expression (through Mercury) of our pure Divine essence expressing through our Law of Living (Capricorn). The Law of Living Life blesses our soul with a human body and guides us on how to live in this earthly plane while also journeying back into our Divine Light. Mercury in Capricorn reminds us of the sacred healing we received last month through the sacred silence of Sagittarius. That sacred silence allowed us to shake off the past and not carry our old baggage and false/misconceptions about ourselves, others and the Divine forward. Capricorn can be a task master. Truly, it wants us to reclaim our inner authority to release our past and begin again. Capricorn wants us to build new, inner structures and platforms that raise us to a new, higher levels of consciousness and Divine Living in a physical body. In the energy of Mercury, Capricorn will ask us to prepare our thoughts, feelings and emotions so they may be pressed into energetic expression with the knowledge/knowing that what we say, think and verbalize effects the Universal energy patterns.

The more we are in alignment within between our thoughts, emotions and actions, and conscious of how we are expressing ourselves, the more we see that what we say, feel and believe within actually comes to fruition in our physical world. The more unconscious and out of alignment we are, the more we will experience fractured manifestations, with only a part or lower level of our desire being manifested. Then we will see that we need to go back within and clean up our vibration, our thinking, our sabotaging beliefs in the back of our mind or held especially in our lower chakra energy centers. Mercury in Birch is an energy that dreams and begins again and again, willing to do the work to be the authority of their interior, their inner being. They will continue to work with the Laws of Living to brings dreams into the truly desired manifested form.

Birch also rules the body. Disease and illness will be shown through the Birch energy. When working with Birch, it is important to know what our 1st and 2nd chakra energy is doing. Are we feeling rooted in our lower pelvic area, sitting in the present moment? Is out lower belly open or closed, flowing with joy and peace or tense with worry and fear? We can think of great desires in our upper body, hearts and minds. But if our lower body is disconnected or its energy is not on board, not in alignment with the rest of us, we are not connected to the physical, Earthly plane and are not rooted in our Divine physical core. We are not pushing the creative vision and energy of the 2nd chakra through into the Earth and grounding our desires. Going back to Jupiter for a moment, its 0 degree moment is in the sign of Aries. Aries in its lower vibration can be a warrior energy- fighting and belligerent. Aries can want its own way all the time with little appreciation of patience or structure. Capricorn inherently knows patience and structure is required, even in expansion into great, new heights. You can see how the new Moon/Sun's energy of Capricorn will be pitted against Aries energy of willfulness and aggressive action.

The best course of action is again to return to connecting within to our own flow of Divinity and Oneness. To get to this place, we will need to stay in touch with the sacred silence within us again. Let us keep reminding ourselves that we have everything within to build our worlds in ways that brings abundance, joy and love to ourselves, each other and our world. The Divine Universe that we each hold within is a great field of darkness with everything we can think of/desire to create. However, the Divine Universe is built on and operates through Divine laws and structures. Aries is the first flame of creation and desires but that energy will still need to be carried through all the other zodiac signs and their Universal laws and energy. Aries is the first seedling, the pioneer. It will still pass through Cancer, which will lend its creative waters to birth the seed later. And before it can be birthed, it has to be dreamed of and designed energetically in Capricorn. So there is work to be done through each sign, and then passed along like in a relay race. With the three signs of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn all activated at their critical degrees through this new Moon, it is a potent energy field.

Gifts of the Winter Solstice

We can add to that the connection we made at the Winter Solstice a few days ago on December 21, 2022. We each made a greater connection with our sacred, higher self during the Winter Solstice. If we did not consciously choose to make the connection, then our Spirit traveled to make it during our dreams and sleep time. We are never left clueless or unguided. We may be left unconscious and unaware of what we have received though. If we are too busy in our 3D world, or caught in our negative emotions, downward thoughts and old beliefs then the inner guidance we received will just sit in a dark corner within and we will feel unsupported or unguided. If we can make time to return to our sacred silence within, we will receive the guidance of our sacred connection with our Divine selves. This is were we see a secret held in this new Moon's chart. We have no planets in Libra right now, but it is the fourth cardinal sign that would complete the square and bring balance and stability to the other three critical points (the new Moon/Sun, Earth and Jupiter).

Libra can also be seen as a helper in applying the wisdom/guidance we receive during the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice brought the Light of Renewal. That Light will need to be directed by Capricorn. However, during this critical moment in time, it will require us to give importance to the act of stopping, pausing, and allowing our connection with our soul and the Divine to guide us in our renewal.

Libra is an air sign and its law is one of Cause and Effect. Libra brings forward the wisdom that everything we think, feel and do within ourselves and within our world brings forward an equal cause. The casual energy we create from will create the same type of effect. If we make a choice from a lower vibration of lack, anger, lack of love, the effects will draw the same energy to it. If we make choices from a higher vibration of seeing through our Divine eyes of love, abundance and gratitude, we will attract the same effect back to us.

Libra also asks us to stop, pause and allow the Divine to guide us. Where Aries energy alone will only create from a me, me, me energy, the Libra energy will create from a sense of “we”. In this case, the “we” will be with the co-creation of Spirit's guidance and energy. Then we will be assured that what we desire will be created in a way that not only brings us joy and blessings, but often serves others and adds cohesiveness to our web of Divine Oneness. Often what brings us so much happiness or great success or wisdom also teaches others or inspires them, or creates job opportunities for them, friendships, etc. Again, tapping into Capricorn's energy to dream, be patient and allow ourselves the time of development, we can expand our lives in wonderful, new cycles of being the true Light- our Divine selves. With Mercury and Venus both in Capricorn, they will help us do this through both our minds (Mercury) and our hearts (Venus). Pluto is also still in Capricorn and connecting to Mercury. This reminds us again to transform/release those old tapes in our heads and the old, tired speech we use to talk about ourselves, others and our world in disrespecting or undesirable ways.

Mars is still retrograde in Gemini, having an unusually long stay there. Instead of a few weeks, it has/will continue to be in Gemini for 2.5 months, from October 30,2022 to January 12, 2023. Most planets are finally direct, and both Chiron and Mars will go direct soon. That will help us move forward with more ease. We will see Mercury in Capricorn go retrograde on December 28, 2022. Mercury is already in its shadow period and moving towards the retrograde. It will be a time to reflect, revise and rebirth through the guidance I spoke about at the beginning of this letter regarding Mercury in Capricorn.

Sabian Symbol Messengers This Month

The Sabian symbol we have for this new Moon and Sun at 2 degrees Capricorn is “Three stained-glass windows, one damaged by bombardment”. This speaks to an image of uniquely individual, colored windows that have been subjected to forces or people trying to level them. Perhaps out of fear or jealousy from others, we may be exposed to challenges to our reputation. Others may point out our character flaws or try to tarnish our reputation as we raise our own flag, stepping forward to a higher position of prominence or individuality. “Bombardment” contains a sense of numerous attacks or questions. Bombs can raze and damage. Only one window being damaged can point to narrowly avoiding total destruction.

Whether this bombardment comes from within ourselves as a flurry of self-attacks and S.I.N. (self-imposed negativity) or we experience it coming at us from the outer world, the challenge will be the same. To claim our personal power, we must expand into a new cycle of inner authority. Damaged windows let in unfiltered light and may allow us moments of Divine clarity. Even though our exterior windows may sustain damage, our inner sacred space can not be destroyed.

The Sabian symbol we have for the opposing partner of Earth at 2 degrees Cancer is “A man suspended over a vast level place”. This symbol speaks to uncertainty or indecision. We may feel hung in suspension for a period of time as we await clarity or a solution. In the tarot deck, “a man suspended” is seen as a period of time where we must surrender, letting go of our personal beliefs of how we things should proceed. This suspension acts as a period of metamorphosis where we are able to break old patterns- both of how we see ourselves and how we impact our world. We can make the ultimate surrender to the Oneness of Neptune's energy field within at this time.

Both Sabian symbols share the motifs of “The dangers inherent in the transition of power” and “suspended animations”. We can remember to be aware of how we use our personal power this month, regardless of how others respond to us. Especially around the full Moon on January 6th, we can practice the ultimate act of faith by surrendering to the Divine waters within us, moving us along our soul's journey in Divine timing.

The Sabian symbols can sound a bit daunting this month, butted up against the Spirit of giving, festivities and holiday benevolence. Remember, in the first degree, the Divine Universe is asking for our awareness. Our first step forward from the 0 and 1st degrees lay out a new blueprint for our soul's journey for 2023. With some mindfulness on our part, we can release again and choose not do the same things we've always done. We can choose to be renewed by reaching for the hand of the Divine Spirit within us. We can receive the Divine's gifts, benevolence and be blessed with a new Spirit of Purpose for 2023.

Happy Holidays to everyone. May you each be richly blessed with love and the joy of the season this year.

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