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The Dawn of a New Day, Everything Changed- New Moon in Libra

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

By Carrie Gane

September 25, 2022 at 4:54 pm CST

The Sabian symbols we have for the new Moon in Libra at 2 degrees and 48 minutes is "The dawn of a new day, everything changed". There is a sense we are awakening to the fact that our past impressions may have been misleading, incomplete or false. Since Libra rules relationships, we may be holding incomplete impressions of others that are false or misleading.

More importantly, we may be holding incomplete impression of our relationship to our inner Divinity and to the Divine Creator. Have we established a relationship with the Divine essence of ourselves, our Spirit-Soul? Do we open our hearts to this relationship? If we make time to connect with our Divine self and communicate with it, it may show us new, Holy aspects of ourselves that we have never known before.

Perhaps our impression of our Divine self has been misunderstood or just false. Have we given it the qualities of a critical or withholding parent? Do we think it has abandoned us? Do we think the Divine is only found outside of ourselves?

Dawn suggests a new beginning, one where we are receiving much more Light. Divine Light. In the new Light of dawn, what has been held in the dark is now being seen by us. What hidden aspect of our own Divine essence are we beginning to see? Can we receive new, extra sensory impressions about ourselves and others?

The Sabian symbols we have for Earth in Aries at 2 degrees and 48 minutes is "A cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country". This is a view of a person from the side. It is their profile built up in stone layers, attached to an oval background. I suppose we could envision each person’s profile attached to the background shape of their country. This would give us a false sense that we can know a person by a quick glance at their profile and national identity.

The Sabian symbols shared motif this month is “Choosing between first impressions or fresh takes.”

Can we allow our view of who we are and where we each came from to expand from a three-dimensional representation to a multidimensional representation? Each of us are Masters, coming forward into the Earth plane, encapsulated in our Divine energy body, filled with Light, coming from the Divine, coming from Love.

New Moon in Libra Has Something New to Say

Looking at the planetary configurations this month, we see the new Moon and Sun are in Libra at a very early degree. Air signs rule our thoughts, ideas and verbal/written expression. In the sign of Libra, we are tasked with learning how our thoughts carry causal energy, creating energetic patterns that manifest as tangible effects.

However, Libra’s energy can also reveal the thoughts we hold about ourselves and how these thoughts shape our relationship with ourselves. We can also discover what thoughts we hold around our relationship with the Divine. We can notice what kind of relationship we have with our Higher Self and the Divine Creator. Is it open, trusting, receptive and reciprocal?

The most primal wound we each feel is the wound of “perceived” separateness from the Divine. Since we took our first breath in this world, we have each felt the loss of Oneness and struggled with the reality of being a "one", separate from the Divine and each other.

During our lifetimes, we have been conditioned to dismiss, disregard, disown or simply not connect with the Divine Spirit-Soul part of ourselves. Most of us have been taught it is woo-woo, crazy, sacrilegious, taboo or simply “just our imagination”. However, deep down, we all ache for a connection with the Divine. And not just with the Divine Creator. We ache for a relationship with our Divine self.

Finding ways to open our hearts and minds to being in a relationship with our Divine self is so healing to us. It is invigorating. It helps improve all other relationships. Yet, to peer within and begin to feel a connection with our Spirit-Soul takes trust on our part. We may be afraid, believing in the illusion that what we will find within is bad, dark, unworthy or not Divine. In truth, these are our delusions continuing to keep us separate. We can realize it is alright to take small steps to get to know our deeper, inner Divinity. We will be welcomed home from the very first step.

In building our relationship with our Spirit-Soul, we begin sensing the Divine essence in everything else. We start to understand how the Divine essence within us is ALWAYS, ALWAYS connected to everything else. We are not separate at all. We have always been energetically and vibrationally connected to everything else, both in matter and non-matter. The vibrational essence of our Soul-Spirit has always been connected to our angels and guides, to our Higher Self, to the Divine Creator. We begin to know who we truly are. As much as we believe ourselves to be a physical, solid being with a little spark of Divine light within us, this is incorrect. We are very little solid form compared to our Divine makeup- a mixture of Divine Space, Vibration, Light, Energy, and the essence of our Spirit-Soul.

Other Planetary Aspects Lending Their Support

Jupiter is holding hands with the Earth in a tight conjunction. They are both in the sign of Aries. Jupiter’s energy aids us in expanding into new ways of living within our Divine essence upon the Earth. Because Jupiter is still currently retrograde, paying attention to what is going on within us is important. By going within, Jupiter will guide us to expand into a new cycle of soul-being in this world. But with the retrograde, we are not ready to make big outer moves yet. We need to contract and go within first.

Chiron in Aries is close to Jupiter and Earth, though not close enough to blend its energy with theirs. This gives us an opportunity to review our Chiron wound with some detachment. With Chiron in retrograde, we can rebirth our relationship with our Divine Self. We can practice seeing how we are always connected with the Divine, not separate. Each of us is a star that the Divine pours its Light through. In the darkness of the Divine, we are the Light that moves energy, dances, twirls and spins, creating patterns of Light for others to see and interact with.

Mercury and Venus are holding hands at the end of their Virgo path, budding up with the new Moon and Sun on September 25, 2022. Mercury asks us to speak to ourselves with a sense of wholeness, like we are a glass that is full. There is no lack within our glass. Venus in Virgo asks us to heal our bodies by loving ourselves. We can work on harvesting the ways in which we are loving to ourselves and others, releasing old ways of seeing ourselves and others as less than.

If we get stuck in an old, unloving inner dialogue (Mercury) or unloving feelings (Venus) towards ourselves, we can remember we have Neptune to help balance us. Neptune is currently retrograde, making it an ideal time to do a bit of deep diving into activities and passions that connect us to a sense of Oneness. Anything creative (not just artistic) helps us uplift our emotions and thoughts into a rhythm of harmony and joy. It opens the doorway to a blissful connection with Divine inspiration. What activity brings you a sense of Oneness and ease? Maybe you love to cook...trying a new recipe? Fishing on a quiet lake at dawn? Putting on a record and dancing?

Pluto is prominent at this new Moon. It has been a long time since we have had so much grace and easy energy from Pluto. The new Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all form a trine with Pluto, with Venus holding the strongest approaching energy. Taking time to honor and love the Divine part of ourselves and love the Divine part of each other brings us grace. Staying balanced in our center will help us to flow down this river of transformation in grace.

Neptune also sextiles Pluto, bringing us an opportunity. We can take moments to reconnect to a sense of Oneness. We can make time to go outside and blend with nature, enjoy laughing and being playful with others, feel the passion and joy of being in the creative flow of a project, soak in the calming vibration of a long, hot bath. These are just a few examples. Similar things that bring us into a state of Oneness allow our fearful mind and emotions to calm. While we may continue to feel the churn of transformation taking place within and around us, our sense of Oneness helps us release resistance to the flow of Life.

Mars is currently in Gemini, and we may take more action to be playful and heal. Whatever time we can spend laughing and easing up on the pressures of life can help us to find a union with the Divine. It will also help us feel more connected to our intuition, giving our right-brain a chance to bring insights to us.

Gemini is a sign of discernment and making choices. With Mars in Gemini, we will want to purify and refine what choices are for our highest good. However, with 6 planets still retrograde right now, being able to discern what is for our highest good may be a bit challenging. Giving ourselves more time to laugh and play (Gemini) dispels our anxieties and allows us to better hear and blend our intuition with our intellect.

Mars in Gemini forms a trine to Saturn in Aquarius at the time of the new moon. Laughing and playing also refreshes our brain and allows new ideas and thought patterns to spark. Saturn wants to form structures and platforms for our success, but Aquarius wants those structures and patterns to be new, innovative and liberating. Fresh ideas can spark inspiration to create structures that bring us harmony and uphold our humanity.

Lastly, we have Uranus in Taurus, still conjunct the North Node in Taurus. Although their energies are beginning to separate from each other, Uranus and the North Node are still working together right now. They each support our Spirit-Soul voice in guiding us to new levels of knowing how worthy we truly are.

We are each Master Gardeners, tending our own little section of the Divine Garden. If you are here in a body right now, the Divine universe gave you all the powers of a Divine Creator. You are capable of planting whatever you desire in the energetic plot of land within you. Remember, we are all intrinsically connected to each other by vibration, love and energy. Whatever you plant blooms in our world and benefits the rest of us.

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