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The New Moon in Aries April 1, 2022

by Carrie Gane

At the new Moon on April 1, 2022 at 1:24:23 CDT a.m., we experience the Sun and Moon in Aries, kicking off the astrological New Year. As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries energy is bright, youthful and pioneering. She brings us the motivation to move forward towards new beginnings with a fiery sense of innocence.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon and Sun’s conjunction at 11 degrees 30 minutes of Aries is “a flock of white geese”. The opposing partner of Earth carries the message of “miners emerge from a mine”.

“A flock of white geese” brings a very visual image to our minds. Although it is not spoken in the Sabian phrase, my mind added the word “migration” to this symbol. Geese stand out in how they behave during migration. Of course, geese fly in a v-shaped formation. But did you know that the V- formation is symbolic to opening up to new possibilities? It indicates openness to new ideas and new directions. Are we migrating into a new consciousness?

Geese have a natural instinct for working with others, each taking an equal share of the responsibility in leading the flock formation. Honking helps maintain integrity of the flock. Geese in the back honk to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. Studies have shown a whole flock of geese flying together cover a 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone. Geese also support each other. If a goose falls out of formation due to injury or illness, two other geese fall out of formation too and follow it down to lend help and protection. They stay with the fallen goose until it can fly or it dies. Only then do they find a group to rejoin.

Are we being guided to create new ways to be more like a flock of geese? Building a sense of community and connecting with others who share a common direction helps us get where we are going with more ease and grace because we are moving forward with the support of others around us.

“Miners emerge from a mine” represents making it back to home ground, back into fresh air. Mining is a deep dive into our inner selves to uncover our individual, worthy gifts. Then we make our way back to the surface, bringing those gifts to Light.

This is one of two new moons we will have this month. The other new Moon, called a black Moon, will take place on April 30th. The second new Moon will take us even deeper into ourselves. Perhaps it will help us bring even more of those mined inner gems up into the Light.

The Moon, Sun, Mercury and Chiron are all found at the very bottom of the new Moon astrology chart on April 1, 2022. This arcs a very focused Light on our personal, inner self. We will be flooded with this arcing Light of Newness down to our very private, core self. At this new Moon, how are we experiencing a new sense of ourselves? Maybe we discovered a hidden dream, a delightful inspiration or greater sense of soul purpose during Pisces’ journey. How are we bringing those insights out of the energetic field of Oneness and starting to form them within us as a personal motivation? Aries provides the Divine spark this month that will firm up into a seed next month.

Keeping in mind that we want these Divine Spark seeds to be planted next month, we know we will want to plant our dreams and desires in new soil. The South Node in Scorpio supports letting old emotional patterns go fallow (compost) as the North Node in Taurus focuses us on knowing our self- worth as we prepare to plant seeds. We are asked to let go of the old tendencies to subconsciously attract intensity and crisis to feel the adrenaline rush. Adrenaline keeps our minds and emotions in a chaotic swirl, preventing us from being conscious creators. Finding our inner balance and our Centerpoint of stillness is the energy we want to create from. The Earth energy in Libra this month aids us in staying in our Centerpoint.

Mercury and Chiron are conjunct the New Moon and Sun. We need to be aware of how we are communicating and what we are saying. There is a great quote I found about how to use the Mercury Chiron conjunction energy to our benefit.

“When it’s in a book I don’t think it’ll hurt anymore… exist anymore. One of the things writing does is wipe things out. Replace them.” – Marguerite Duras

One of the shared themes of the Sabian symbols this month is “sounds that uplift”. Talking and writing about our personal experiences may help release fears, doubts or trauma by bring inner healing to ourselves and others. We can also embrace the knowing that we are each powerful creators, speaking things into being by our thoughts and words. Our words can uplift both ourselves and others.

With both the Moon (mother energy) and the Sun (father energy) conjunct Chiron (our deepest wound) at this new Moon, we may have unprocessed emotions and thoughts surface within us about our upbringing and our childhood relationship with our parents. We can use the balancing polarity of Libra to simply observe through still movement how those childhood experiences, if not healed, keep us stuck, angry, obstinate or afraid to move froward and began anew.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces allows us to continue to dip into the Ocean of Consciousness to connect to a greater sense of Oneness within us. Then we can allow Jupiter to show us how to expand our sense of Divine Self and our world in compassionate, benevolent ways.

Venus, Mars and Saturn are all in Aquarius and also at the bottom of the new Moon chart. Aquarius represents humanitarian needs, the greater good and the collective. We need to truly love and value (Venus) our uniqueness, all others’ uniqueness and what we each bring to humanity. When we are moved by our inner Spirit-Soul to go after what we want and take action (Mars) with an intention of love for all and the greater good, we can build new structures (Saturn) that support the greatest good of our communities, our environment and our collective humanity.

Something to notice- There is a bit of juxtaposition in this energy at new Moon. Alder is typically a physically active energy, moving forward without hesitation. Yet all planets and luminaries at new Moon time are below the horizon, focusing us within ourselves/ our home base/ our neighbors and neighborhoods. Alder is also very comfortable with freedom and going solo, as it is independent and the polarity of Libra (relationship-based). Yet the Sabian symbol this month of a flock of white geese speaks directly to working together, teamwork, supporting each other and setting individual drives aside so the group can succeed in greater ways. Community. Where do we need to start building community in new ways that serve our whole better? Where do we need to come out of the shadow of “I have nothing important to offer. My talents/ inner Light is unappreciated/ not needed”? We need everyone. We need everyone to feel connected and supported within a sense of community. So I wonder at this New Moon- Are we being asked to look within and see how can we achieve this?

We have felt our consciousness shift over the last 2+ years. We have seen each other, in small and large ways, speak out and voice how we want our new world to be and function. We are seeing the breaking down of old energies and paradigms. However, we must be the active creators of our new world. And it starts by turning within and building from within. The external world will form successfully in new ways when we step into our mastery within and know we have cleared so many old wounds and old inner structures. We have done the hard work. We are ready for the new and we can do this together. First though, we must each be in Aries’ self-discovery mode of who we truly are (the Divine) and what are Spirit-Soul calls us to bring to the whole.

This blog was originally posted on on 3/31/22 with me as a guest blogger.

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