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The New Moon in Cancer June 28, 2022

By Carrie Gane

At the new Moon on June 28, 2022, at 9:52:15 CDT p.m., we experience the Sun and Moon in Cancer.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon and Sun's conjunction at 7 degrees 22 minutes of Cancer is “Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade”. The opposing partner of Earth carries the Capricorn message of “Birds in the house singing happily”. The energetic configuration between these two symbols is a trine, short for triangle. They are supportive energies working together with ease.

“Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade” speaks to the discomfort of passively conforming to social expectations while going against our own true nature.

Rabbits hide themselves from public view out of a desire to feel safe. They do not feel comfortable being openly exposed in the wild or drawing attention to themselves. On the other hand, when we give rabbits human traits in cartoons and animations, we project our tendencies on to them. We might dress them up in fine clothing and put them on “parade”, hoping to impress others and conform to social norms. In this sense, “rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade” speaks to the ways we hide in behaviors (such as dress) that keep us in check with others socially. Doing so can lead us away from standing firm in ourselves and following our own higher nature. We end up feeling uncomfortable and disempowered.

“Birds in the house singing happily” speaks to a creature known for flying freely in the wild yet finding cheer in a domesticated situation. These birds are experiencing some type of restriction and yet they are not signing half-heartedly but in full song. They are in good spirits and preen and tidy their coats in pride. Living in rhythm with the Divine flow creates beneficial boundaries for these birds.

Here I would normally begin discussing the astrological aspects, but this month I was called to do something more first. Katherine and I were both guided to look at both the new Moon astrology and the full Moon astrology on 7/13/2022 to gain a greater understanding of what is transpiring in the sky.

Therefore, I asked WomanSpirit if I should include the Sabian symbols of the Full Moon too. I drew the Mother of the Future card in response, a resounding yes! The Mother of the Future card talks about how Universal timing is in play, allowing events to come together in Divine timing to create the best realities for all of humanity. The Mother of the Future is pregnant with what is to come. She is found at the full moon, holding positive intentions, emotions and thought patterns for beautiful, future experiences. She is expecting, standing in grace, ready and waiting. Her time is a birthing time.

So, let’s take a quick look at the Sabian symbology for the full Moon on 7/13/2022. At the full Moon, we find the Sabian symbol for the Sun at 21 degrees 21 minutes is “A woman awaiting a sailboat”. We find the Sabian symbol for the opposing Moon and Earth in Capricorn is “A general accepting defeat gracefully”. The shared motif of the Sabian symbols is “harmony of heart, action and life”.

“A woman awaiting a sailboat” can be associated with Mother Mary, mother of Jesus. Mary was a young, expectant mother not sure how she would take up the grand task laid before her. An awaiting mother who did not fit into the social norms of the time. A woman receptive to the energy of God and the miracle that was guiding her. To quote from Katherine’s book, The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon, the Cancer Moon Mother’s essence is “the strength of birthing, the power of life and the knowing of the greater purpose for existence”.

At this full moon, we are being asked to be those mothers, to be “a Mary”. Regardless of your gender, it empowers us to hold a receptive attitude to go where the Divine winds are blowing us right now, to let Universal timing and Divine grace fill our personal sails and let us be steered to a greater future for humanity. To deepen our own rootedness and stand strong in who we are as Divine humans.

“A general accepting defeat gracefully” speaks to humbling ourselves enough to act in harmony with the prevailing winds. Handing over the swords we intend to attack with and disarming conflict. This can be a literal, outer experience. It can also be an inner process. Can we release our inner saboteur’s need to continue attacking ourselves? Wherever we still feel disempowered and unnurtured within, can we disarm the conflict and fall into a state of inner grace? Grace speaks to a harmony of motion, to moving in Oneness with the energy of the Divine. This is what the Mother of the Future and Mother Mary ask us to consider.

Now let’s look at the astrological makeup of the New Moon on 6/28/2022.

Well, again I am not taken through the typical doorway into the chart, like looking at the Sun or Moon. I am guided to the Part of Fortune. The Part of Fortune symbolizes where you will find great success and fulfillment. It is currently in the sign of Capricorn. In Capricorn, it talks about patiently building new platforms and dreams that will produce stable, long-term results. It is a grounded success in the physical world. It is also the success of becoming our own inner authority while building our inner and outer realities.

What strikes me about this is Pluto is close to its final degree and conjunct the Part of Fortune. Conjunct means it is sitting right next to the Part of Fortune, currently with less than 1 degree separating them. Pluto represents deep, often under the radar, transformation. It disrupts and transforms what is no longer needed to allow the Light to shine through. In Capricorn, Pluto will break down old structures and frameworks. It will disrupt the structure of big sectors such as government, healthcare, financial institutions and education. It also breaks down old structures within us. Outdated perceptions of who we are NOT, what we CAN’T do, what we DON’T know, who we CAN’T be. These old perceptions are ways we’ve trained ourselves to not see, know, and connect with the power of our own Divinity.

We have Mars in Aries, either the innocent, brave pioneer or the feuding, self-centered warrior, squaring Pluto and the Part of Fortune. This squaring energy brings irritation and asks us to make a change. It is a call to change from our soul level.

We get support from Mars, forming a sextile to Saturn. A sextile is not a given reward, but an opportunity for harmony with some effort on our part. With the sextile, Mars asks us to purify our self-expression. Saturn in Aquarius encourages loving, inclusive thoughts and speech towards everyone. Before we react in aggression or fear when the anger of Mars gets ignited, let’s find a better way. Do not sit down and quit. Let’s keep taking the disciplined steps of thinking, planning and communicating in ways that build a loving community and the peaceful humanity of the future.

This could feel like a challenging task at this new Moon. Mercury is in Gemini, the astrology signs it rules. Mercury feels right at home and empowered in this position. However, there is a quincunx with the South Node in Scorpio. A quincunx creates a feeling of trying to hear what another person is saying at a loud party, with too much noise to hear clearly. If events in the outer world trigger our old emotional wounds and patterns, how do we not react in a knee-jerk fashion? With Scorpio, we may feel like we’ve fallen into darkness again.

It is good to know that by the full moon, we have a lot of supportive energy to help lift us out of this darkness and show us a new way forward. Mercury will have moved from being in Gemini to being in Cancer. Mercury will also sit right next to (conjunct) the Sun in Cancer, shining a light on the pathway to empowered communication and thinking and communicating from our Higher Selves.

Moving back to the New Moon, we also have Uranus conjunct (joined) the North Node here. Both are in Taurus. This is one of the most dynamic aspects of the summer and it will be guiding us over the next few months as these two energies get closer and closer to each other.

Uranus can also be a disrupter of energy and it creates fast changes. It passes inspiration and ahas through us quickly. It asks us to stay in the present moment. Joined with the North Node, there is a sense that Uranus is going to shake off anything that keeps us from knowing our own worthiness. Sudden events over the coming months might test how we are demonstrating our life mastery. With the Nodes in retrograde right now, we need to stop and make time to listen within to our soul’s guidance.

Both the new Moon and the Sun in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries. Expanding our sense of self and looking at the world through the loving lens of the Divine will help us break cycles of taking the same action repeatedly while expecting different results. We can expand into new, empowered cycles of being. The new Moon and Sun also support us in releasing the wounds of any negative self-identity. Let’s take command of our self-identity, for we are each an important world-builder.

Saturn in Aquarius supports us with a minor, irritating energy that asks us to be devoted to responding to our inner knowing and truth. We can feel the empowerment of knowing the inner light we carry and shining that light out into the world.

Finally, we see the Vertex, or the Divine blessing, is at 0 degrees, indicative of pure, clean-slate energy. Currently in the sign of Virgo, it graces us with Earth healing, healing of our bodies and our physical self. It tells us we can bring order and preparedness to our lives. We CAN live from a state of feeling and knowing our wholeness. We already have all the answers within us.

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