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The New Moon in Pisces March 1, 2022

by Carrie Gane

The new moon in Pisces takes place at 11:34:45 am on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. At this new moon we find all planets are direct, moving us forward. We have much ‘partnering up’ of energies at this new moon. These planetary partnerships intensify the effects of their combined energies. All three partnerships are a pairing of Inner (personal consciousness) planets with Outer (collective consciousness) planets in combinations of tight conjunctions and stelliums of energy.

While inner planets typically show how we use the energy of a planet on a conscious, personal level, outer planets show where planets exert their influence on us in ways we seem to have no control over. Outer planets represent different states of our collective consciousness and exert long-term influences over generations of people. They guide us in the greater themes our collective consciousness is working through. At this new moon, these outer planets are helping to shift and advance our inner states of consciousness. They demonstrate that every time we heal and empower an inner aspect of ourselves, we build a new outer reality too. We gift humanity with a healing and bring our collective consciousness and our world into greater alignment and harmony.

Let’s look at what guidance the Sabian symbols offer us at this new moon. The Sabian message for the Moon and Sun’s conjunction at 12 degrees 6 minutes of Virgo is “An examination of initiates”. Their opposing partner of Earth carries the message “A bride with her veil snatched away”. Their shared themes are “A test at the juncture of stepping up on the path” and “scrutinizing the inscrutable”.

“An examination of initiates” speaks to having initiated a course of study, a pathway, an induction into secret knowledge. We are initiates on our true self’s path to balance. There will be exposures and revelations as our consciousness allows. Yet we are newly inducted into these creative energies and cannot know how to openly inspect or scrutinize what is being revealed to us. We can use our intense awareness at this critical point in our soul’s journey home. Yet what we encounter is full of mystical, magical, secret wisdom and energy not readily comprehended by us. Not yet.

“A bride with her veil snatched away”. This symbol represents Virgo in Earth at this time. That is an embodied state of wholeness within our physical containers. We are the face of the Divine in all its glory and variations. What if we had our veils of personality snatched away? I suspect most of us would worry “the Divine” would see us and realize we are not worthy. However, the reality is we would find the Divine is not judging us at all. The Divine is not out there somewhere. The snatching of our veils would reveal we are the Divine, still veiled of our understanding of our true nature. We would see our pure state of Divinity shining through our bodies. But can our human consciousness accept the beauty of ourselves as Light beings shining unapologetic ally? Can we marry that Divine state of our being? We have been initiated.

Now let’s look at how the planets are supporting that initiation at this new moon.

The Moon and Sun in Pisces are in tight conjunction with Jupiter. Pisces is a water sign, connecting us to our emotional selves and our feminine nature. In Pisces, our emotions can be nurturing to us, free flowing and allowing. Deep feelings within can be refined, flowing from a loving heart, deeply connected to the Oneness with Source and blending easily with our intuition. However, in the shadow side, we lose access to the deeper, greater well of refined feelings. If we sit in the shadow of Pisces, we are sitting on the surface of the water. What we see when we look within is distorted and illusionary.

We don’t connected to our true Divine nature. We only feel perceptions of separation, fear, buried emotions and S.I.N. (self-inflected negativity).

How do we stay in Pisces’ water well of deeply creative and nurturing feeling energy? Jupiter is here to help. Jupiter extends a hand to help us forward, to stop spiraling in the old patterns of self- condemnation and expand through finding our Divine Light within. Neptune is also here in Pisces, lending its aid as the ruler of Pisces. Neptune will helps us reconnect to our true nature by feeling the flow of Oneness deep within us, nurturing us. We can connect with our dreams, intuitions, our inner visions and sacredness. Then we are connecting with our intuitive, passive, free flowing energy at this new moon.

However, with all this watery Pisces energy, uncomfortable emotions could cause us to want to escape or self-medicate if we are feeling challenged by our reality. With Pisces, we can feel such a strong desire to feel the perfection of love, beauty and higher vibrations yet feel the disconnect and dissatisfaction with the harshness of our physical world. The remedy to this is found in the supportive energy of our Earth in Virgo right now. Practice being grounded. Let your bare feet connect with the Earth for at least a few minutes and breathe deeply. The Earth will dissipate some of that emotional charge and bring a sense of basic security and support from our mother planet.

Mercury is in tight conjunct with Saturn at new moon time. We are being asked to see how we are building our new future and new structures by how we express ourselves. What words and thoughts are we saying to ourselves and communicating to others? In Aquarius, Mercury and Saturn our both aiding humanitarian efforts, inclusion of everyone, concern for the greater good and forward thinking. We are seeing our world communicating together as countries and groups of nations right now. This is one way inner planets and outer planets work together.

We find a very tight conjunction of stellium energy in Capricorn between Mars, Venus and Pluto. Both Venus and Mars will be in their final degree a few days after the full moon. The final degrees symbolize wrapping up lessons of the sign before starting anew. This indicates completing an important phase of our personal development. How have we been transforming (Pluto) the love we have for ourselves and others (Venus) and how are we expressing our personal power and taking action (Mars)? With Venus and Mars tightly conjunct, their energies are intertwined. How are we marrying our Divine Feminine nature (Venus) with our Divine Masculine nature (Mars) to bring us inner balance? This is something we must do to know our wholeness.

Pluto is also in a very late state of its Capricorn embodiment, moving into 28 degrees on March 10th. Pluto will transition back and forth over the last three degrees of Capricorn for the next year, wrapping up more transformation of structures and power dynamics in our world on a grand scale.

Our only lone wolf planet is Uranus, a lover of freedom, change, new possibilities and a possible disrupter. Uranus is more than happy to stand in its empowerment, reminding us to find our worthiness and beauty as an individual, important to the whole. In the feminine state of Taurus, Uranus asks us to honor the Divine feminine energy that has been stifled in our collective consciousness for too long.

The South and North nodes are gracing us with ease and supportive arcs of light now. The North node just entered Taurus in January of this year (2022) and will stay in the sign of Taurus until July 2023. We have just begun moving across the pathway from South Node in Scorpio to North Node in Taurus, which can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope into unfamiliar territory with an undeveloped skill set. I see the image of tightrope walkers. They carry a “balancing pole” to help balance themselves.

They maintain their balance by positioning their center of mass directly over their base of support. I wonder, as we make this journey from old to new, can we place our center of mass (our body/mind/emotions) directly over our base of support (our Spirit-Soul) as we place one foot in front of the other?

Walking this pathway allows us to leave behind the Scorpio South Node tendencies to attract crisis situations, our resistance to change or cooperate, seeking self-worth through others and holding onto emotions that destroy, cause intensity, overreactions and judgment. Taurus’ North Node tendencies allow us to embrace self-worth, honoring the needs of ourselves and others, practicing patience and gratitude, knowing our stability and receiving nurturing and abundance from Mother Earth. We plant new seeds of Life in our garden with the North Node of Taurus. May this new moon in Pisces allow us to plant those new seeds from an embodied state of connecting with our Divinity within.

This blog was originally posted on on 3/1/22 with me as a guest blogger.

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