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The New Moon in Sagittarius December 4, 2021

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The New Moon in Sagittarius

December 4, 2021

by Carrie Gane

The new moon in Sagittarius will take place at 00:42:51 a.m. MST on Saturday, December 4, 2021. The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at this new moon is: A Widow’s Past Brought To Light. Bringing our past into Sagittarius’ healing light, letting go and simply resting now is a theme we see repeated by many different planetary messengers this month.

We begin with the Sun and Moon both in a trine to Chiron, bringing us a grace in reviewing our past from a more settled, still place of simple observation without judgment.

Next we see the challenge. The Sun and Moon both square Neptune, arcing a challenge for us to be aware of our old tendencies of looking at our past through the lenses of illusion, false victim-hood, SIN (self inflected negativity), unfair treatment and slanted perceptions. The phrase “Life is happening for you, not to you” comes to mind here. Sagittarius’ law of Sacred Silence brings us a grace of quiet recovery following Scorpio’s purging energy last month. Can we get silent enough, at all levels of our being- emotionally, physically, mentally and even spiritually- to connect to a sense of Divine Oneness within? If we can do this when we feel irritation, then throughout this month we will feel and know the sacred healing and intuitive wisdom found deep within. Our Oneness within will bring closure to our pasts (both collective and personal) with a sense of All-rightness and Wholeness/ Holiness.

Looking further into the influence of this new moon, we have the great support of Mercury, conjunct both the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and riding very close to them at a 3 degree conjunction. Mercury in Sagittarius brings the grace of hearing not only what is being communicated on the surface, but the ability to hear our own inner communications. What is the Divine saying to us? What are we saying to ourselves? Have we slipped into non-productive, even critical, inner dialogue about ourselves and others? If so, Neptune will bring the squaring irritation to remind us again- let those old, judgmental voices go and Be quiet! Be still! Relax into Sagittarius’ quiet after the storm. Receive higher guidance.

Mercury in Sagittarius also reminds us that our “hearing” is not just through auditory means, but also through our feeling nature, our intuition and by deciphering the vibrational energy we hold around us. There are more sacred secrets held within for us to hear if we listen, and they can bring us great gifts for our spirit-soul and our personality to embrace and use in 2022.

Uranus is found to form a quincunx with the Sun and Moon at new moon time, which can make it harder to hear its message. When we look at Uranus in this placement, we see it currently in Taurus. It is retrograde. Uranus seems to be asking us are “Where do we source our self-worth from? Our self-love? Do we hear our soul voice? Do we value the worthiness of its messages?” It may be harder to hear with the quincunx positioning, but ALL we need is contained within the silence.

We can also take a minute to look at the numerology of the moment, as we will transition from 2021 to 2022 during Sagittarius’ month. While 2021 had the energy of change to it, ruled by the numerology of the number 5 { 2 (wisdom) + 0 (love) + 2 (wisdom) + 1 (expression)}, next year’s energy will be different. 2022 will ruled by the number 6 and will support union, both within ourselves and with each other. The numerology for 2022 is { 2 (wisdom) + 0 (love) + 2 (wisdom) + 2 (you guessed it…more wisdom lol)} The number 2 also brings the power of dreaming your visions into form and the wisdom to know what you wish to create and how to create it. The last two years have brought us each much wisdom about the world we see before us, our need for each other, how we are currently interacting and where we would like to see change within ourselves and our world, and dare I say more union, both with our own spirit-soul and within the world we live in. 2022 will be so rich for NEWNESS and for planting new seeds of living and BEING.

We will leave you with this- Chiron is receiving a grace-filled arc of energy from the Sun, Moon and Mercury at this new moon. Chiron is currently in Aries, where the wound is felt for being your unique self. It is a wound we each carry somewhere within us, a wound that tells us that the things the make us unique, make us different, are the things that separate us from others and make us less than. However, that is not true. Our uniqueness is our greatest gift to share, for we are each an example of a unique essence, a unique energy signature found no where else in the universe. Our uniqueness is meant to inspire others, to share with others, to teach others and yes, to even challenge each other to expand our limited beliefs and ways of thinking/being. We are coming into a new era of consciousness where each human being will honor and revel in their own uniqueness, as well as honor and appreciate each other’s uniqueness. Creating the time this month to be in a sacred space of silence within ourselves allows this process of expansion. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all here supporting this process. Saturn is here too, as our teacher, creating a sextile with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron. Saturn presents us with the opportunity to use our discipline, devotion, determination, dedication and delight to see the joy and importance of our uniqueness and each other’s uniqueness. May we understand that we are each a different piece in this energetic puzzle of life and we are all so needed as our unique selves or the puzzle remains incomplete.

This is a new moon to simply see ourselves as the Divine sees us- a perfect, unique light in this Universe that is so loved and so needed. We can sit in this quiet knowing and let the warm embers of the spirit-soul fire within us warm, comfort and heal us. Soon, we will be ready to reemerge from our inner temple and open a wonderful new door into 2022. Happy Holidays and may you each be deeply blessed this holiday season.

This blog was originally posted on on 12/2/21 with me as a guest blogger.

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