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The Soulful Power of Eclipses - New Moon in Scorpio 10/25/22

By Carrie Gane

We have a new Moon in Scorpio and a partial solar eclipse on Tuesday, 10/25/22 at 5:48 am. Scorpio is an intense Moon. It rules the 8th house and things in your life that are beyond your control.

The Scorpio moon teaches us about reaching soul empowerment by healing the emotions and emotional patterns we've taken on to try and protect ourselves from feeling powerless or vulnerable.

While Scorpio's energy has great strength and transforming power, in its lower vibration we use it to create crisis and stress, to engage in power struggles, to feed our darker, destructive urges and even explore what is considered taboo. This can make us feel like we are in a deep, dark place we can't see our way out of. Scorpio's strength comes from remembering how to lighten up, establish boundaries, release negative emotional patterns, heal, forgive and develop gratitude.

Two Important Eclipses This Month

Eclipses can bring unexpected or sudden changes to our lives so we can see where our soul is guiding us to change, transform or grow. They can shine a light to bring illumination to a situation. We will experience a partial solar eclipse at the new moon and a total lunar eclipse at the full moon during this month of Scorpio. Solar eclipses typically bring new opportunities and beginnings while lunar eclipses bring endings and completions.

Eclipses always occur in a series, spanning a couple of years. We are currently experiencing the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse series, which began in November 2021 and will continue until October 2023.

Each eclipse is like a chapter in a book and put together, the series connects to tell a story. Eclipses always alternate between two main characters, called zodiac polarities. Zodiac polarities are two signs that sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, acting as each other's mirror, compliment and opposition. Throughout the series, the zodiac polarities alternate between playing the Sun character and playing the Moon character, teaching us of the masculine and feminine nature of both signs. As the story unfolds, we come to understand both characters and how they work best when their energies are unified. Without this unification, these two characters can fall into polarization and finger-pointing.

The total lunar eclipse that occurred on 5/16/22 and the total lunar eclipse that will fall on 11/8/22 are especially important. Both eclipses connect and blend with the energy of the South and North Nodes.

They tell a story within a story, describing the ongoing evolution of humanity's consciousness. The Divine Universe is giving us the soul push to move ahead in our evolution as spiritual beings having a human experience. During these two lunar eclipses, we feel another prompting to leave behind humanity's old, outdated ways of the South Node and continue our trek across the Universal tightrope to reach our soul's glory, the North Node.

What's Our New Collective Story?

In case you don't remember this story, the South Node in Scorpio holds the deepest emotional pain and trauma we've experienced. It cause us to get in our own way by creating crisis and stress and becoming addicted to drama and trauma. It keeps us in a swing of extreme emotions, feeling revenge, jealousy, shame, guilt, fear, rage and anger. We have an overabundance of these painful experiences in our collective consciousness. We can all remember experiencing these feelings when we have felt powerless.

Our new story is about how we are healing those old painful emotions of our collective consciousness by showing them love, giving them a kiss and allowing them to go fallow. To understand life has given each of us painful experiences, experiences beyond our control to change.

The ultimate wisdom to be gained from these experiences is that even in those instances, we were still whole, Holy Divine aspects of the Creator. Our human heart hurt, but our Divinity was never tarnished. We were never separate from the Divine during those painful experiences. In fact, those experiences were the bread crumbs leading us back to our own Divinity. With those understandings, we can unburden ourselves from all the judgment and criticism, from the painful emotions of the past and simple allow our emotions a dormant period to rest. This emptiness brings us great healing.

Then we can hear the voice of our soul calling us forward, step by step into Taurus’ field of potentials.

The North Node in Taurus is like a fresh spring day. Vibrant, green grass sings to us. The composted past has created unseeded, virgin land for us to use. As a collective consciousness, we can choose to experience a new, enhanced sense of self-worth. That brings us feelings of empowerment. We remember we are the ones to create new patterns of living by remembering we are all pieces of the Divine and we carry its creative Light within us. We can experience life mastery and live with our spiritual nature and our material world in harmony with each other.

“A House-Raising” At The New Moon

The Sabian symbol of the Moon and Sun at new Moon time at 2 degrees 00 minutes in Scorpio is "A house-raising". Its complimentary partner in Earth at 2 degrees 00 minutes in Taurus is "Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover".

"A house-raising" speaks to building community. When a house it built, a foundation is laid down first. Next, materials are gathered and then the house is raised with the help of neighbors. In some communities, raising a house is a shared task of work, shared community meals and then a celebration together when the house is completed. Here we find a step by step process that follows a natural order. Scorpio is a sign that can deal well with details. A measured approach helps calm intense emotions and curtail swinging between extremes.

"Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover" speaks to making progress through gradual steps in a situation. Clover is a sweet-smelling ground cover. It is associated with luck. To have a yard blooming with clover represents a healthy pasture that is thriving and in prosperous condition. Back on 5/16/22, we experienced an eclipse of the Scorpio moon. That eclipse helped us to uproot the weeds of “old emotional baggage” and let that emotional manure be released so it could transform into compost. At this new Moon, we may see how that transformation of manure has helped us reach an inner lawn blooming with clover.

Their shared motifs speak to maintaining cooperation and 'the gradual uplifting path', 'fragrances that divide', 'atmospheres that unite'. This speaks to dealing with unpleasant or lingering issues by rising above them and maintaining a tolerance for working with others to gradually improve a situation. Building strong community ties and elevating relationships or creative endeavors to a higher level is also favored.

Other Planetary Aspects

Mars is currently in Gemini, helping us to make choices about how we will take action with discernment. Mars will go retrograde on October 30th. Taking decisive action may stall or feel very slow or unclear after October 30th. The new Moon, Sun and Mercury all trine Mars at the new Moon though so we have a few more days of supportive energy in which to easily take action.

We find quite a lot of quincunx energy between the new Moon, the Sun and Jupiter. This can make it hard to hear how our Higher Self and our Soul are guiding us to expand (Jupiter) and begin new cycles. Jupiter is sitting at the potent 0 degrees point though, which is pure, foundational energy. We truly can expand with grace if we remember to go within and grasp the hand of the Divine Universe. Because Jupiter is still retrograde, going within is critical. We would be unwise to keep expanding and expanding without first pulling our focus inward and reaching for assistance and guidance.

The new Moon and Sun both tightly conjunct Venus. This is a grace and can bring warm, emotional energy and healing to our relationships. It can show us how to deepen our family connections and other relationships. Scorpio energy is not interested in superficial connections. It desires deep, soulful relationships.

At the new Moon, we have four planets in water. By the time we get to the full moon, we will have five planets in water. Whenever there are more than three planets in water at a time, it creates an overload of emotional energy. While water planets can boost our creative juices, often it can lead us to feel depressed, overwhelmed or overly-emotional. With three of these planets in the water sign of Scorpio, we can experience compulsions, obsessions, jealousy, destructive emotions and power struggles. The other two planets will be in the sign of Pisces. If we're experiencing Pisces' lower vibration, we can experience self-imposed negativity, illusions and delusions.

Anyone prone to depression or depressive episodes should practice grounding themselves this month. This can be done by remembering to stop several times a day and breathe deeply so that anxiety and stress can be released as you breathe out. Stretching the body, standing barefoot on the ground or going for a walk helps ground us. Eating grounding food such as potatoes and root vegetables also helps. Any act that helps move us into the grounding, Earth energy of Taurus helps dissipate some of the overload of water energy. During the month of Scorpio's intense energy and eclipses, this is especially important.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

At 6:01 am on 11/8/2022, we will experience a full moon and total lunar eclipse. During a full lunar eclipse, the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun. When this happens, the Sun can not reflect its light onto the Moon. Therefore, our Higher Self transmissions to our intuitive, inner self can go unheard by us. We can feel that our inner guidance and wisdom are eclipses from us and we are left in the darkness. It can feel challenging to navigate our emotions and inner world without our Higher Self's guiding light to lead us. Lunar eclipses tend to be emotional and they can bring endings, completions and course corrections.

With eclipses, there is often a marked ending and a new beginning in our lives, especially if we have Scorpio or Taurus as our Sun sign, Moon sign or Ascendant. Even if we don't fit that criteria, we can look at our natal chart to see which of our houses is ruled by Scorpio and Taurus. Since these two eclipses give extra strength to humanity's soul push forward, we can also watch for world event that are unexpected but open one door while closing another. World events at this time may shine light on the truth of a situation that has been previously hidden.

Mid-term elections for Congress as well as 36 Governor's elections and many local elections will take place on 11/8/22. One word of caution. Lunar eclipses can bring about an “eclipsing” or ending to an important female in our life or an “eclipsing” of the female energy. It will be especially important for women to vote in the 11/8/22 elections this year. All women will want to make sure their voice is heard and represented. We do not want to see an eclipse of the female voice/ feminine energy at election time this year.

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This month, remember to breathe deeply. Scorpio is a month of intensity, but it is powerful and transformative. Next month Sagittarius brings the light, benevolence and a quiet period to heal after the storm.


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