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Singing Bowl Sound Healing


~ Edgar Cayce

"Sound has the almost magical power of restoring order to organisms that are malfunctioning." - John Stuart Reid

When we connect with the higher dimensions of the Universe, we don't hear sound. We see color. Color is the richness of existence. In our denser, third-dimensional experience on Earth, we perceive color as Sound.

Sound is a vibrational energy. As human beings, we are also energy vibrating through our human body and surrounding energetic field. When one energetic field vibrates in close proximity to another energy field, it becomes entrained to the first. It's own energetic vibration begins to vibrate in unison with the original energetic field. This is how Sound Healing works.

When struck, tuning forks emit a vibrational frequency that has been calibrated for vibrational balance and healing. For example, each organ in our body emits a particular vibrational frequency when in perfect health and harmony. A healthy liver will emit a different frequency from a unhealthy liver.

Using a carefully prescribed combination of tuning fork vibrational frequencies, my sound healing sessions allow a person's energy to entrain to the vibrational frequency of optimum health, balance and peace. This energetic healing is available on every level of a person's being: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Ego and Soul.

Sound Healing is not a replacement for traditional medicine or traditional therapy. It works in tandem with these modalities. What we are discovering is that a holistic approach to healing is the most effective. Illness, disease, depression, anxiety, grief, fear, stress and their counterparts, balance, peace, joy, empowerment, health, confidence, inner security and stability... these all carry different vibrational signatures of energy. You cannot receive true, lasting healing and well-being when only addressing one or two levels of a person's being.

Sound Healing works on multiple levels at the same time. Our Sound Healing experiences also show us that it works across a broader space of time. Whatever healing alignment is initiated in a healing session, continues to unfold through transformational shifts in energy over time as our energetic body continues to hold vibrational patterns of the entrainment.

In this transformational time in our Earth's history, we are all in need of personal healing, empowerment and upliftment to have peace within our hearts, our mind and within our world. Sound Healing allows us access into our energetic field to transform the cellular memories, DNA and energy we hold within our energetic fields and our bodies. These vibrational frequencies call forward the true light and beauty of each of our souls from within.

In using the best description I can give of a healing session, I'd say a Sound Healing session with us is like lying comfortably on a massage table, drifting off to a place within that has no name and no sense of time as you listen to sounds like wind chimes playing, calling you... calling you... calling you home to yourself again.

*** Many of the Sound Healing codes I use in sessions were created by Rev. Katherine Bell, D.D., Ph. D. She has created a vast library of healing codes know as the Timeless Cryptograms of Healing®. I am an authorized practitioner and Master Healer-Cryptographer under her certification. I use Katherine's 72 Names of God: Healing Codes for Sacred Living healing codes extensively in my sound healing sessions.

You can find out more about the 72 Name of God codes by ordering Katherine's new book The 72 Names of God: Healing Codes for Sacred Living, which gives greater explanation of the codes. Katherine has also created a healing card deck by the same name for you to use. You can order her book, her card deck or find out more about her life's work at

The body is held together by sound.
The presence of disease indicates
that some sounds have gone out of tune.

~ Deepak Chopra


"I have since witnessed many times through my work, long before the body breaks down, the Spirit slips out inch by inch."

- Caroline Myss

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