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A Fluid Moment is Emerging!

New Moon in Aries on March 21, 2023 at 12:22 pm CST

By Carrie Gane

The new Moon occurs at 12:22 pm CST on March 21, 2023 in the sign of Aries. This new Moon kicks off a new year in the astrological calendar! We are beginning a new cycle. We are not only moving into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, but the new Moon occurs in the very first degree of Aries. A potent placement!

There is a pureness to Aries' energy in this very first degree. Because Aries is a cardinal sign, it is an initiator of energy. At this “critical degree” in astrology, we are tasked with awareness. Intense energy is being felt by us. How are we going to use critical moment to envision ourselves and our world anew?

With the new Moon at 0 degrees, Universal energies are shifting in new ways and we are being prompted to go with their flow. New, expanded level of consciousness and creative potentials lie ahead of us. With the Spring Equinox occurring on March 20, 2023, one day ahead the new Moon in Alder, it represents the beginning of Spring and the renewing of the Divine Light within us. What is within us that is ready to be reborn? What new consciousness is being birthed into our world?

The Sabian symbol for the new Moon and Sun on March 21,2023 is "A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her". The Sabian symbol for their opposing partner in Earth in the sign of Libra is "A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it".

The aspect between the two Sabian symbols in one of conjunction, blending together both symbols to form a focus of intention. Their shared motif is "a fluid moment emerging" and "a pinpoint of light capturing a tender moment." There is grace held within these symbols this month. We may experience tender moments of being embraced as we transition into a new life cycle. These moments may touch us deeply and leave a lasting impression of being welcomed warmly by the unconditional love of the Divine.

"A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her" speaks to being born into new experiences of being both human and knowing our Divine essence. Birth moments encapsulate exquisite, tender emotion. We, as humans, have a need to feel the warm embrace of unconditional love and acceptance.

Deep within, we miss our connection to the Divine. We have a cellular memory of moving from being in Spirit form to being born through a womb into physical form. In the evolution of humanity, there is said to be a time when our species evolved from an ocean-based species of consciousness into a species emerging from the water into homo sapiens that walk upright and live on land. This would be an example of leaving a womb and embarking on a new birth of consciousness. It is an act of becoming something new. We have angelic support around us now and we are embraced as we make this transition.

"A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it" can speak to a moment of balance between beauty and fragility. We might witness the beauty of a butterfly darting through shafts of sunlight. It is free to fly unencumbered now, having released its larva state and emerged from its cocoon. It has begun a new life cycle.

On March 21, 2023, we also have the Earth occurring in the potent first degree in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of the peacemaker. It is also the sign of balance and its energetic law is one of Cause and Effect. Libra rules beauty, the arts and the refinement of energy to create greater works of art. What new possibilities can we create in our world that bring us a sense of love, beauty and peaceful enjoyment? This is a potent moment to plant your dreams in the soil of the Earth. The fiery nature of the new Moon and Sun in Aries will light the way and can give you the initial spark of inspiration/ initiation.

Mars is still in Gemini but it is close to its final degree, sitting at 28 degrees at new Moon time. The new Moon, Sun and Earth all square Mars at this moment. There is a guidance to continue to use discernment and hold an awareness of what we want to create within ourselves and our world for the new year. We have spent the last several months reviewing our past choices and circumstances with Mars in Gemini. We will feel a prodding to start moving forward on our path with our choices carefully reviewed and made.

Pluto still sits at 29 degrees 58 minutes in Capricorn. It is in its "critical moment" too, about to move into Aquarius. Before Pluto changes signs, it will ask the question "What have you learned from me?" There will be tests. We will probably see new things that could frighten us in the news. How we as a collective humanity respond will be the litmus test to see if we've learned our lessons.

On March 24, 2023, Pluto will move from Capricorn into Aquarius. This is very big news and will shift the landscape of our world. Once Pluto moves into Aquarius, Pluto will be pulsing a vibrational energy of a different kind. It will ask us to think of ourselves and each other as a true human family. A true global family. We will begin to (over the next several years) find our speech with our friends, family and our media about inclusiveness, about our human Light Body, about establishing foundations that put the greater good above greed and external power. Eventually, we will learn to share power instead of rape and pillage for it.

By the new Moon, Saturn has made its transition into the sign of Pisces. It is still in its first degree. As a humanity, we are being guided by Saturn in its purest state of Pisces energy right now.

Saturn in Pisces will bring more light into the world. One of the ways Saturn in Aquarius has been doing this is by moving companies, universities, schools and even medicine into new ways of connecting through technology. Staying connected to our friends and family through Zoom, Facetime, etc. Many opportunities to learn, attend a workshop or attend a meeting online are now available. We have seen these technological connections bloom through Zoom, remote jobs, remote schools, telehealth and teletherapy services.

Aquarius rules technology and new innovations. While it has been in Saturn, we have been given the impulses and the creative ideas about how to ground this technology in our world and build structures to really broaden our ways to connect with each other through our technology.

With Saturn now in Pisces, we will be asked to start balancing our technology connection with our connection to our heart, our Spirit-Soul and our intuition. To connect more to nature and Mother Earth. Who are we apart from our technology? We are asked to build foundations that honor our Spirit-Soul and connect us to others through a greater sense of Oneness. We will need to establish this balance so humanity can explore through both our spirituality and our technology, without one overtaking our lives at the expense of the other. The new Moon and Sun in Aries assist us by shining their Light on rebirths and a new cycle of our development in these areas of life.

Jupiter and Chiron are still closely blended and holding hand in Aries. Jupiter continues to assist us in healing our inner wounds around our self-identity and any hurts we may have suffered over our Uniqueness in the world. Jupiter says the wheel in the cycles of Life in turning now and the old must be released now so we can start a new cycle. We are on a new, brighter journey into knowing our Divine Greatness and Worth! No more focusing on our (perceived) lack of Self. We are being shown our inner Divine Beauty.

Venus has passed its stage of holding hands with Jupiter and Chiron. It has moved into Taurus and is holding hands tightly with the North Node in the same degree. This is a gift and brings our love and worthiness into alignment with our soul voice. The North Node is like our North Star, calling our soul forward in the direction of our greatest glory. With Venus traveling through Taurus, pay special attention to where the voice of your soul is guiding you to plant new seeds. Especially potent this month and supported by the Spring Equinox, whatever you plant should bring great love back to you, since you planting your journey's path under Venus' rays of Love Light.

Finally, Uranus acts as a squaring energy to keep us focused on knowing ourselves anew. The rays of the new Moonbeams and Sunlight hold us steady in our own worth and help us stay grounded.

Neptune in Pisces is right at home and is lending its support to the new Moon and Sun too.

Neptune can help us continue to develop our inner wisdom, creativity and a knowing of our Divine Essence. We are getting ready to move out of the womb of the Divine again. A fluid moment is emerging! We are coming into a new cycle of being the Lights of the World.

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