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Eclipses Bring A Critical Moment

NEW MOON IN TAURUS – 11:12 pm on April 19, 2023

By Carrie Gane

The new Moon this month begins in an unusual way. Although the Moon is traveling through Taurus this month, we begin with the new Moon in the very last degree of Aries. This is different than the last couple of months, where I have spoken about the new Moons occurring in the very first degree of their sign, blessings us with the energy of a brand new beginning. At those new moons, it was imperative that we look forward, move forward and be aware of the potent field of potentialities laying before us. We were seeding new beginning.

At the moment of this new Moon, we are not in a new beginning in Taurus. Not yet.

When a cardinal sign (such as Aries) reaches its final degree (29-30 degrees), it is called a "critical moment". It is a time to demonstrate whether we have grasped what we have learned through Life's lessons during the first 28 degrees. With Aries representing our sense of Self and our own I AM divinity, reaching the final degree can be experienced as somewhat of a testing period. Where has our sense of who we are and how we express ourselves as part of the Divine shifted or been tested recently?

We may experience more unexpected shifts, changes or detours this month. Why? The astrological lessons of Aries will be tested to see if we have mastered whatever lessons in self-love we have been learning lately. We may have been moving through lessons about knowing and communicating with our Divine Self, our "I AM". Where is this leading us?

Eclipses bring sudden departures, unexpected news, course corrections and events that bring unexpected changes to our lives. The Solar eclipse occurs at the new Moon on April 19, 2023 and is tied to the Sun. This Solar eclipse will be felt more on an external level, in which the conditions in our lives change around us. The Solar eclipse typically brings external changes.

The Lunar eclipse, occurring at the Full Moon on May 5, 2023, is more of an internal event. Feelings surfacing at this time will be very important. Feelings and emotions can be raw or overblown at this time since a Lunar eclipse carries an intensity similar to that of a full moon x3. This eclipse and Full Moon will occur in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio in its higher expression can be prolific, warm, passionate, nurturing and protective of loved ones. Scorpio in its lower expression can be snappy and biting, leaving a sting. Where in your life have you felt this sting from another person, either from someone you know or from a stranger?

This Lunar eclipse may bring awareness to reactive emotions we carry from these past experiences. We will be asked to bless these emotions- such as anger, jealousy, obsession, vengeance, shame, guilt- and let them die. This release allows for them to become fertilizer in the next chapter of our life.

Taurus is the Earthly gardener, the planter of new seeds and the renewal of Spring.

In passing through this "critical moment", we open ourselves to a greater connection with the voice of our Soul. As much as we have all experienced massive transformation in our outer world, especially during the last 3 years, we have all also undergone massive transformation within ourselves. We have cleared more of our past, healed ourselves at new levels and become more connected to and aware of the voice of our Soul. This is especially important because as we enter the month of Taurus, we are entering a month focused on connecting to the voice of our soul.

So this new moon asks that before we move forward into Taurus' energy field of Earthy, grounded, tactile experiences, that we allow completion within ourselves. That we pause to realize how much we have been incorporating our Spirit-Soul into our human daily life. We are aware that we are more than simply 5-sensory human beings. Our personal world is more than just the luck of the draw. The part we play in the world is more than just the roles we hold and the status we have achieved. We are each beings of Divine Light, walking upon the Earth and weaving ourselves through the Universal threads of All Life around us.

The Sabian symbols this month help us realize this also. The new Moon and Sun share the Sabian symbol "A duck pond and its brood" at the 29th degree of Aries. The opposing partner of Earth carries the Sabian symbol of "Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher's head" at 29th degrees of Libra. When their energy is paired together and used consciously, they can unleash creative genius. Their shared motifs are "Build it and they will come" and "the gifts of heaven and Earth come to fruition in the realized man".

"A duck pond and its brood" speaks to an environment/ habitation with the ability to provide everything needed to gestate, incubate, hatch and raise the young. The "young" may be a brood of ducklings. "Young" may also reference our new spiritual fire within, new beliefs, new perspectives, new ways of being, etc. Ducks are animals that are at ease swimming in the water, walking on land and flying in the air. So they represent bringing 3 of the 4 elements found in astrology together- water, earth and air. When we add in the new Moon in Aries, we bring in the fire element of Aries. Now we have all four elements present for greater balance and diversity. This creates a healthier, more integrated environment for habitation. In the environment of this new Moon, we have everything we need to create a balanced environment for new seeds to thrive in. Conditions are ripe for us to succeed with our "young" this month.

"Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher's head" is the Sabian symbol for Earth this month. As an air sign, Libra brings balances and points to using our awareness of how energy flows between cause and effect. What we think, feel, say and intend determines how the energy will flow from its beginning (cause) to its end (effect). Libra brings us the awareness to stop, pause and review/reflect before we simple react. With our "philosopher's head", we can hold a well-balanced understanding of life. This Sabian symbol also represents incorporating all three parts of a trinity together for our own depth of understanding. "Trinities" are found in group connections such as body, mind, Spirit; mother, father, child; Sun, Moon, Earth.

The new Moon and Sun are in good company on April 19, 2023. On one side of the new Moon/Sun, Jupiter is holding hands with both the new Moon and the Sun (in conjunction). This gives us a true grace in opening to a new cycle of being our Self. Where do you feel guided to expand your own sense of Self as a Creative Creator? With Jupiter's assistance, you have the inner tools to go after your dreams and to develop your inner and outer worlds.

On the other side of the new Moon/Sun is the North Node in Taurus, also holding hands (in conjunction) with the new Moon and the Sun. Whatever occurs at this new Moon will have the blessing of the North Node pulling us forward to a greater sense of Life Mastery, deep self-worth and connection with our Soul Voice. This is a blessing. Know that any detours or changes that the eclipses bring are nudging you along the path of your soul's growth. Soul growth is not often quick or easy but it brings a tremendous cultivation of your inner potentials.

Earth in Libra at 29 degrees is also at a critical moment. At this new Moon, pay attention to your relationship with your self and with others. With the South Node in Scorpio holding hands with Earth in Libra, we could find ourselves letting our insecurities flare a bit. We may find ourselves reacting from old places of fear or pain. This may occur within our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with the Divine or our relationship with others in our lives. Before we snap or get caught in emotional struggles, stop, bring yourself to a place of stillness within and allow yourself to review the event that has riled you. Pay attention to emotional hurts.

By taking this pregnant pause, it allows us to experience a deeper sense of relationship with ourselves. Then we can come back into our relationships with others with the awareness that we are going to set an event/occurrence in motion by the way we respond to it.

The new Moon and the Sun are both making connections with Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto is still in the very first degree of Aquarius, making this a time of potent, pure energy. Know that whatever is being transformed or broken down within you right now is leading to greater states of Universal Love being within us and in our relationships with others.

We also have a helpful conjunction between Saturn in Pisces (water sign) and the South Node in Scorpio. Saturn can help us be disciplined in letting go of old Scorpio tendencies/patterns, like getting caught in emotional dramas and being attracted to intense situations. Instead, Saturn will help us create new patterns of rejoining in the flow of the great river of Life, bringing ourselves into a centered state of oneness within and letting go with faith.

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