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We Are the Divine Creators

Cosmic Notes for the New Moon in Cancer – July 17, 1:31 p.m. CST

By Carrie Gane

It is very significant that on the day of the new Moon in Cancer, the North and South Nodes move into the 29th degree of Aries and Libra. The Nodes are currently retrograde, moving out of the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio and into North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra. With Aries as the conductor of this train of energy and Libra as the caboose, we are traveling backwards through the same landscapes of soul lessons we journeyed through from February 2014 to November 2015 (last time the Nodes were in Aries/ Taurus).

With the Nodes in the “critical moment” of the 29th degree at the new Moon, we are at a turning point in our soul’s journey. Major transitions and the evolution of our soul’s path are being revealed.

Revisiting this same Aries/ Libra nodal landscape, what is being revealed now is how we EMBODY the causal energy of the Universe. What we see as we peer out our train window is how our ability to align our thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions affects our inner environment and creates our outer world. We are “seeing” our own landscape of creations.

Our train is traveling through a “critical moment" now, urging us to review the lessons we have been mastering in the areas of authenticity, assertiveness, self-expression and courage.

This “critical moment” asks-

  • What soul push into interdependence am I being called to master and complete?

  • What is my relationship with myself as a Creator?

  • Do I know I AM empowered to create my own reality, trusting my inner Light instead of the outer world to show me the way?

Mastering the axis of “relationships” – how we relate to ourselves, the Divine and all others in our lives – allows us to revisit the 29th degree of Aries and Libra and complete old cycles of learning. We have the wisdom to see that we create our lives by how we RELATE to everything. Whether it is within us or outside of ourselves, the whole Universe is create and defined through its relationships.

The other significant occurrence at this new Moon is the grand cardinal square we find created by the squaring energy between the South Node, the North Node, the new Moon and Sun, and the Earth and Pluto.

In the agitation felt by the cardinal grand square, the new seed being planted within us is the push to continue to take time to self-nurture ourselves. Nurture not only our humanness, but also our inner Divinity. Nurture our sacred knowing contained within us. Know we have the power to contain any combination of thoughts, feelings and actions to create the birthing of our dreams and intentions.

The Sabian symbol for the new Moon at 24 degrees Cancer can help us with this. The symbol is “A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder”. We use our shoulders to express ourselves. They give us great range of motion. Yet, they also carry our burdens, others' burdens we take on and the weight of our responsibilities. Our right shoulder relates to our finances and our left relates to our family. We could be taking the bold action of throwing off burdens we are not meant to carry. Or we could be throwing a mantle over our right shoulder, veiling what we are containing and in the process of creating within us. Our left shoulder is exposed, revealing our wisdom and ability to stand empowered and make bold choices.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 24 degrees is “An oriental rug dealer”. Rugs cover the floor on which we stand. They are not our foundation, yet they bring pattern, color and design to our foundational floor. They lay out the energy patterns before us. To “deal” in rugs is to know what energy-patterned rugs to lay down, aiding us in creating our new foundations and structures. The threads of the rug are weaved through spinning, allotting and cutting the treads of Life. All threads within us are being woven together to create a greater, beautiful tapestry of our Soul Self.

The way that the new Moon seed is being planted is seen by looking at Earth in Capricorn at 24 degrees, holding hands with Pluto in Capricorn at 29 degrees (another ‘critical moment’). How do we need to transform our inner foundation and our outer structures so that they can fully nurture ourselves? And not just our human selves. How can we create a greater way of being human that nurtures ourselves, honors of own Spirit-Soul and knows we are interconnected to everyone and everything? These are the new seeds of self-empowerment we are being pushed to cultivate. We are feeling the soul push of the Nodes in their critical degree.

Moving on to Pluto, we see it is also in the 29th degree at this new Moon. On June 12, 2023, Pluto moved from 0 degrees Aquarius back into 29 degrees Capricorn. Pluto will remain at the 29th degree until the last few days of July 2023. After, it will not return to the sign of Capricorn until December 20, 2023. We are about half way through this dance of Pluto toggling back and forth between Capricorn (the old, traditional structures) and Aquarius (the new, pioneering Light Bearer). This restructuring of our consciousness and the push into new arenas of consciousness is witnessed through the cycling of breakdowns, breakthroughs and the restructuring of our human world. More importantly, the Universal cycles at play our guiding us in restructuring our awareness of our own Divinity, our Spirit-Soul, and who we are advancing and becoming as Divine human beings.

While not at a critical degree, Neptune is at 27 degrees in Pisces. The new Moon, Sun, Earth and Pluto are all arching supporting Light to Neptune at this new Moon. Neptune takes us deep into our inner feeling state and our connection to Oneness. We can flow into our inner depths with ease at the new Moon.

We also have the support of Uranus in Taurus. Every aspect Uranus makes at this new Moon is a grace/ an ease. The new Moon, the Sun and the Earth are all sending positive, uplifting energy to Uranus now. As a mentioned before, these planets are all moving us into alignment with the voice of our soul and life mastery.

Another planet we find very close to the critical degree is Venus at 28 degrees Leo. Leo teaches that self-love starts with self-dominion over how we speak to ourselves, treat ourselves, take care of ourselves and show ourselves to others. Leo is also a sign of commitments. What commitments can we make to treat ourselves with more honor?

More fun?

As we live through all the upheaval and chaos we see in our world right now, we are guided back into self-dominion. We can see that the combination of final degrees and critical degrees at this new moon are showing us that it is time to complete old cycles. How do we do this through self-dominion? By knowing that we are the Divine.

We are Divine creators, each of us adding to the creation of our world. And how are we creating our world? First and most importantly, through our thoughts, emotions and actions. Our world is the by-product of our thoughts, emotions and actions. If we do not change, the world does not change. Our own self-dominion aids our world in healing.

So this month is a turning point, but we must capture any wisdom we receive at these final degrees first. These inner “knowings” are building a new foundation of self-dominion. We are all Divine Creators. Once we recognize this, we can create our world with intention and alignment to our true source- our Divine essence within.

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