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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

New Moon in Taurus – May 19, 2023 at 10:53 a.m.

By Carrie Gane

The new Moon and Sun are at 28 degrees (almost 29 degrees) of Taurus at new Moon time. Like last month, we are beginning the “new Moon” period in the fading energy of the previous sign. We have not yet entered Gemini’s energy. Because we start this new month in Taurus’ moon energy, we are asked to review and complete what we have learned in Taurus before we move into Gemini’s energy.

We have a lot of grounded, practical, tactile energy during this new moon. Both luminaries (Moon and Sun), three planets (Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus) and the North Node are all in Taurus right now. All this Earthy energy helps us ground and cultivate the new beginnings we started two months ago in Aries.

Grounding this energy is important because we have a very busy sky at this new Moon, with a grand trine and two kites… oh my! These are significant “energy patterns” in the sky on 5/19/23.

Let’s look at how these “energy patterns” aid us.

Grand trines bring us an ease and grace, for three planets are connected in one element. Water is the common element connecting the grand trine on 5/19/23, with Mars in Cancer, Earth in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The element of water brings us healing, highlights our sensitivities and connects us to our emotions, feelings and intuitive nature. Water is both nurturing and receptive. Grand trines bring ease, but they can also bring laziness. We may not feel like doing anything but resting in the ease of emotions. However, if we choose to, we can bring focus and intention to our feelings and intuition at this new Moon. This will allow us to really benefit from the kite energies that are also present.

Now let’s look at what planetary energies form a kite. Besides the “grand trine" planets that form the triangle, we see a fourth planet at the bottom of the diagram. This extra planet helps creates a separate isosceles triangle. Together, both triangles form a “kite energy pattern”. While there is an overall ease to a kite pattern, there is also tension found in the middle line running through the kite. This is created because the top and bottom planets in the kite pattern are in opposition to each other.

To understand how to really use a kite’s energy beneficially, imagine the outline of a kite as an outline of a bow and arrow. The two triangles hold the space of energy and the arrow is the opposition that causes tension. The energy of the grand trine is focused into the bottom point of the kite, which we would call the “release point” in astrology. We must release our “arrows” of creativity, but first we must know the target- which planet is at the release point (bottom point of the arrow). This is our “release planet”- where the energy pattern will materialize into form.

The first kite has the release point of the Earth in Scorpio. This is a call to flow through our process of transformation within ourselves with ease. Let old emotional hurts and tangles release back into the Earth as fertilizer so we don’t contaminate our soil.

Then we can use the water of the grand trine to support the new seeds we planted last month. All the creative feelings and intuitive knowing within us can be tapped into. We can release our creative potentials and our nurturing qualities onto the NEW seeds we planted during the month of Taurus, watering them. This is how we can cultivate our garden and bring more mastery to our lives.

The second kite has the release point of Mars at 29 degrees in Cancer. In this degree, Cancer will bring to Light where we have/ have not done things like healing any issues around Mothers/ mothering/ our need to be nurtured/nurturing and our own relationship with the Divine Mother.

We all carry wounding around this area of ourselves/ our experiences. Women have endured lifetimes of being shamed, judged, treated prejudicially, abused and viewed as property. We still don’t “own” the rights to our own bodies. We currently live in a very masculine-driven cycle of time, and we see the darkness of the masculine energy when it is not balanced with the feminine energy. Regardless of our current gender, we have all lived lifetimes as a woman at some point in time and carry these inner scars.

Without the honoring of our feminine energy, we will continue to see a human society that wants to fight, war, dictate and conquer. In fact, this is the energy of Mars in its lower vibration. Mars at 29 degrees calls us to another critical moment. Will we allow the empowerment of the feminine energy to truly come forward and be honored in our world? Will women continue to strive for empowerment through nurturing their intuition, their womb, their creative potentials? We must find a way to honor both the feminine and masculine energy in our world.

Luckily, Mars in Cancer has much support at this time. Mars is part of the grand trine formed by Mars in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and the South Node in Scorpio. There is a grace being offered now through the trine. To find the grace, we must feel into the empowerment of nurturing ourselves (our dreams, our intuition, our lives, etc.). We can let go of disempowering emotions. We can flow into our connection with our Divine essence and the Holy Spirit (a feminine energy).

Kite patterns give our Soul the opportunity to respond to our Higher Consciousness. Kites allow us to realize we can do more with our talents. We are being prompted by the Universe to know the great creative potentials and creative inspirations held within ourselves. Are you ready to let your creative potentials soar, sparkle and fly?

We also have a very significant planetary change at this new Moon. Jupiter has just entered Taurus at 0 degrees. This brings us a great blessing! Jupiter rules expansion, good luck and benevolence. It also brings us angelic support. Occurring in the potent 0 degree of Taurus, Jupiter shows us how to expand our wealth, our earnings, our worthiness and our ability to ground and cultivate our world with nourishing realities. With Jupiter at 0 degrees, we are given a fresh slate. We must be mindful to not risk too much or gamble away our blessings through overindulgence or illusion.

With Jupiter at the very beginning energy of Taurus, think of the very beginning of Spring, when we plant new seedlings of dreams, soul desires and energy patterns. Because we have so many planets and luminaries in Taurus now, we are in a very fertile season. Now is the time to sow the desires of our heart and soul.

Jupiter is holding hands tightly with the North Node in Taurus. Mercury in Taurus is also close by, holding hands with both Jupiter and the North Node. How can we listen to our soul voice guiding us? With the North Node present, we will be hearing our soul’s guidance. With Mercury present, we can speak about and express through the voice of our soul. We may have conversations with others about how to ground this energy and make our ideas of expansion and forward movement tangible.

With Jupiter connecting so strongly with our Universal North Node, it is an auspicious time. Wherever and however we are called to go forward, we are safe to follow these prompts as they are in alignment with the voice of our soul. We must go within (because the North Node is retrograde) to listen to our soul’s voice call us to our new path.

We also need to be aware of what we are leaving behind, as the South Node lies directly in opposition to Jupiter and North Node in Taurus. Do we believe we are not worthy of expansion, blessings and gifts? Do we “feel” we are unable to rise out of the darkness of struggles or turmoil? The South Node in Scorpio cautions us to be aware of these tendencies, as they hold our soul in a stuck position. Our creations become more of the same old from an old, shadowy energy. Attention to any emotions that have exceeded their expiration date will help. We want to release those expired emotions and instead cultivate the rising (or sinking) into the knowing that we are worthy of Earthly abundance, nurturing, and blooming realities.

Pluto is also at 0 degrees, a pure potent energy in Aquarius. Aquarius is the innovator, the inventor, the creative genius that comes through a flash of insight. This kind of energy brings creative genius, innovations and inspiring thoughts into the atmosphere for someone to “catch” and work on bringing into a manifested form. Aquarius requires us to be in the present moment to be able to catch these inspirations when they strike. Stay in the moment!

Lastly, we have the Sabian symbols supporting us at this new Moon. The Sabian symbol of the new Moon and Sun at 28 degrees 25 minutes of Taurus on 5/19/23 is “Two cobblers working at a table”. Two cobblers working at a table can speak to arriving at a place of earned wisdom and an understanding of life that allows us to interact with others in a mature matter as we work towards a common goal. It can also speak to spending time working on mundane, earthly tasks that do not fulfill the call of our soul or our Divine purpose. Falling in the final 1-2 degrees of Taurus, this symbol can ask us if we are working on tasks that serve our soul in a way that allows us to achieve Life Mastery.

The Sabian symbol for the Earth in the very last 1-2 degrees of Scorpio is “An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children”. This talks about what sacrifices we make for the common good of the group/ collective. The group must also be aware of their responsibility to each individual member to create a society that functions well together.

Both Sabian symbols together form a square aspect, which brings a challenging quality. The pair together symbolize “pleasing cooperation” or “power struggles”. We have the inner wisdom to choose between the two.

We are being offered a wonderful grace at this new Moon! We can ground new templates of energy and fertilize our seeds with the vibrancy of fresh, Universal energy. Creative possibilities and inspirations are flowing through the Universal atmosphere of planets and stars right now. Let’s go fly a kite in this supportive sky! Your soul is ready to soar and sparkle in new ways!

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Not only do I love and embrace the wisdom of this message, I love the diagrams and pictures. Thank you very much for this inspiring message, Carrie!❤️

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