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The New Moon in Gemini May 30, 2022

By Carrie Gane

At the new Moon on May 30, 2022 at 6:30:15 a.m. central time, we experience the Sun and Moon joined in Gemini. Gemini brings us the gifts of discernment, choices, communication and the Law of Union between our Higher selves and our lower selves.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon and Sun’s conjunction at 9 degrees 03 minutes of Gemini is “a quiver filled with arrows”. The opposing partner of Earth in Sagittarius carries the message of “a mother with her children on the stairs”. We experience these two symbols as a square, a challenge. Their shared motif is ‘Many potentials unfolding a step at a time.’

A ‘quiver filled with arrows’ speaks of having a full bag of effective capabilities at our disposal. With Mercury’s rulership of Gemini, we can draw upon our full bag of capabilities to think, speak and express our Spirit-Soul’s desires and intentions into being. We can choose to communicate in ways that makes us quiver with excitement or tremble in fear. With several planets in Taurus right now, we can cultivate what our “quiver” contains. What kind of arrows do we fill our quivers with? Are they arrows of self-love? Are our quivers full and satisfied, almost overflowing at their brim? Or are our quivers loaded with arrows of self-judgement and condemnation we shoot at ourselves and others? With the Moon and Sun in Gemini, we are given the support to receive healing and find our inner connection to joy and innocence. We can use discernment to choose which arrows to use for the best results.

A ‘mother with her children on the stairs’ speaks of the maternal guidance available for us as we journey through changing elevation. During our earthly journeys, we do not learn in a straight line, but move up and down, sometimes through shaky and unsteady steps as we evolve. The hand of a mother or teacher helps steady our steps and blesses us with their guiding hand through our ups and downs. This Sabian symbol is connected to Sagittarius, a sign that carries the Law of Sacred Silence. Within our silence is where we easily hear and feel the steadying guidance of a mother, a teacher, and most definitely of WomanSpirit.

With the Moon and Sun busy communicating now, Sagittarius helps us to also listen and hear through silence.

Remember, the shared motif for these symbols is ‘Many potentials unfolding a step at a time.’ Which potential will you cultivate?’ There may be many targets appearing to us at the same time. We will need to be aware of which potential we will focus on, which direction we will aim our arrow, and how to narrow down our options to only the best choices.

Mercury is still retrograde for another week, after which it will be moving through its shadow until 6/18. Mercury’s retrograde period gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate how we communicate with ourselves and others. Do we choose thoughts and words that are non-threatening and compassionate or do we think and speak from a judgmental or dogmatic mind? Mercury holds the energy of the number One in numerology and represents a starting point. This is a planet that allows us to create and bring into being through our modes of expression- thoughts, words and our voice. What we think, say and verbally express forms energetic blueprints that can and will become manifestations in our reality. Yet, how much awareness do we bring to our thoughts, our inner dialogue with ourselves and our communications with others? This is where we can bring in our discernment and choose to express ourselves with intention.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node now, as both are currently in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a cultivator and a transformer, a gardener helping us plant and grow new seeds of being. When I see the conjunction between Mercury and the North Node, both retrograde, I think of the experiments that have been done with plants and sound. The experiments studied the impact peaceful music, sound vibrations and loving speech had on the growth of plants. It also studied the impact chaotic, angry music, sound vibrations and hateful speech had on plants. There was a marked difference in growth and vibrancy. How we speak and communicate with ourselves and others does set the stage for how our new world grows. Again, with our Taurus North Node, we are moving into the energy patterns of grounded, practical, abundant living with a healthy sense of self worth. Remembering our ability to bend and sway with change, like a Willow tree, will help us stay out of stubbornness, obsession and addictions.

Taurus is the sign of earthly pleasures of the senses, sensuality, and the enjoyment of being in our own body, our own skin. This makes me wonder about our own bodies in this new world. With our humanity going through this great transformation, we are moving into higher frequencies of being and living. We also see our physical world is transformation around us to support our new world and our new selves. But what about our bodies? Aren’t we going through an energetic upgrade of our bodily systems? I believe we are. When I see Mercury trine Pluto, I see the transformation of ourselves starting with the beginning energy of the number One. Our bodies (our temples) are reforming as new seedlings that will prosper or wither based on what we communicate to them and how we let them express themselves with/ without shame and guilt. What about how we talk to our bodies? As a culture we have so much old guilt, shame and heavy expectations about our bodies and how they should look and perform. Can we let Pluto’s energy allow these old inner dialogues about our bodies to go fallow so we can feel the passion, joy, and worthiness of our own bodies? What about positive body self-talk? What about talking to our cells and DNA and directing them to heal, to communicate with us, to intuitively guide us forward? Something to think about.

I also see that Venus is in Taurus and it is squaring Pluto in Capricorn at new Moon. To me, this is another message to let go of all the personal hell we can feel around our bodies and others’ bodies. When Venus is in Taurus, we are encouraged to love who and what we see in the mirror and know we are perfectly Divine just as we are- each with our own unique size, shape, color, attributes and bodily movements and expression.

We also have Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus. Uranus carries the Law of Love and can help us remember that we are an important part of any interaction with others because we bring a vital, unique ray of Light (our Divinity) into the group to share. Uranus asks us to see the worthiness of each other. Uranus will continue to bring ah-ha moments and pass inspiration of how we can open our minds to living in more harmonious, loving ways and creating more peace in our world.

Chiron is still in Aries but it is only receiving positive, supportive opportunities from the Moon, Sun, Earth and the Part of Fortune. Let us turn our old wounds of the self into the gold of knowing how important we each are as an individuated quality of the Divine.

At this new Moon, we have a beautiful blessing in the very rare conjunction between Mars and Jupiter. Their blended energies are working together to assist us in taking action on the creative urges we feel. The new Moon and Sun also form a sextile with both Mars and Jupiter. A sextile brings a blessed opportunity but also one that needs cultivation to bring it to fruition.

At this new Moon, we can utilize our seed intentions in creative and healing ways. Both Mars and Jupiter are fire planets and are joined in the sign of Aries (a fire sign). While their strongest connection can be felt a few days before the new Moon, they are still conjunct at the new moon before Mars continues to race ahead during the first weeks of June. Both Jupiter and Mars carry a quick energy to move us forward. Mars demonstrates the more malevolent side of fire in action, such as the fighting of wars and acts of aggression and violence. However, Mars in its higher vibration, calls for refinement and purification so that our actions bring improvement and call forth the peaceful warrior.

Jupiter, on the other hand, bring the benevolent energy of fire, giving a warm hearth and a smoldering fire to warm us. Perhaps as we witness the ongoing war in Ukraine (Mars), we can also recognize the benevolence (Jupiter) from people around the world. As we see the escalating gun violence in the United States (Mars), perhaps we can heed the call from these tragedies and be willing to expand into new cycles of wise caring and inspirational action on how to heal this crisis. If we choose not to, the shadow side of Jupiter is being stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing over and over, without changing or evolving.

Lastly, the new Moon and Sun are also lending their support through a trine of energy arced to the Earth in Sagittarius. Sagittarius brings use the mature wisdom to tame the fire and draw from its inspiration, not to crash and burn through immature action. Sagittarius’ Law of Sacred Silence allows us the time to shake off the turbulence of the storms we’ve come through, let our mind and emotions rest in silence and be renewed by our quiet, inner fire.

This blog was originally posted on on 5/29/22 with me as a guest blogger.

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