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The New Moon in Taurus April 30, 2022

by Carrie Gane

The New Moon at 2:28:04 p.m. CST on April 30, 2022 is at 10 degrees 28 minutes in Taurus. It is called a Black Moon because it is the second new Moon this month, intensifying the qualities of the Moon- emotions, intuition, the Mother and feminine energy. A Black Moon can bring up raw emotions, behaviors and impulses as it reaches deep into the subconscious part of our psyche. We may become aware of what makes us feel most vulnerable in this moment of darkness and where we are unwilling to comprise. However, a Black Moon also brings extra energy. With the New Moon in Taurus, we will be breaking up the soil and uprooting weeds that interfere with the growth of our new seeds.

We also have a partial solar eclipse at this new moon. This eclipse aids us in keeping our garden clear for growth and abundance. It contains potent energy for fresh starts, taking risks and embracing change, even if our journey may shake us up to break the weeds free. Eclipses do indicate turning points.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon and Sun’s conjunction at 10 degrees 28 minutes of Taurus is “a woman sprinkling flowers”. Her opposing partner of Earth carries the message of “a drowning man rescued”. The shared motifs of these symbols are ’emotions that cultivate; emotions that overwhelm,’ ‘save or rescue.’

“A woman sprinkling flowers” is representative of caring and cultivating what we are tending to. It brings the healing power and nourishment of water. But it is in measured form. It is intentional or at least done with awareness. Too little water will cause the new seeds to wither. Too much water will overwhelm the roots and cause them to become soggy and insecure. The woman is the bringer of water, with the ability to nourish and nurture in her hands. She is a cultivator.

“A drowning man rescued” can bring up a sense of being tossed around by overwhelming forces of nature and needing to be rescued. The word rescue can also indicate a need to ‘to shake out’, in the sense of taking something back from captivity, hence “to save” or “to deliver from”.

So how may we experience emotions residing deep in our psyche at this new Moon?

This Black Moon can brings us on a journey into some of the darkest spaces within us. Can we sense our seeds of Greatness and Holiness already planted there? Will we water those seeds in measured response? This eclipse may show us where our inner garden is either being flooding with unhealed emotions or drought-parched from lack of emotional nurturing. If our inner garden is parched, a tiny sprinkling of water will not make much of a difference. We may need to let the gush of emotions come forward to soak the field.

There is an interesting line written in the Sabian symbolism this month- “Watch for assumptions about who is thirsty and who doesn’t need a drink.” Something for us to consider. Perhaps our great healing of humanity comes as we see each other’s Light but also each other’s vulnerabilities. Each of us have moments of becoming overwhelmed with emotions, needing the console of other; times a little bit of our water or caring makes all the difference to another; moments we need to be plunged into our sea of emotions, clinging for anything, before we can find the strength to let go and let the Divine guide us forward. Being on hand to help with a bit of kindness towards others can go a long way. It disperses our sense of been swallowed up by forces beyond our control.

Now let’s look at the planetary alignments.

We have four planets in Pisces, a water sign, at this new Moon. Venus conjuncts Jupiter at 27 degrees Pisces, and Neptune is very close to them at 24 degrees Pisces. This brings us the gift of Creative Imagination/ Attraction coupled with the energy of benevolence, contraction and expansion. Pisces is a sign of compassion, intuition, finding the sacredness within our daily lives and sacrificing S.I.N. (self-inflicted negativity). In Pisces, Venus displays the highest vibration of its essence. It sees the beauty and sacredness of our own Divine nature and values it. We also see the beauty and Divinity in each other and the cosmos. It can be a deeply creative time with a softer focus. We will tend to seek peace with this energy, not quarrel with each other. Jupiter in Pisces can bring us within to connect to our sense of Oneness and then bring a new sense of our Divinity out into the world. It can also guide us on our path to spiritual growth, sensitivity to others needs and their shortcomings. We also have Neptune in Pisces. What artwork, poetry, music, or dance can be brought into the world with this energy? Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and thus a very creative and artistic energy. We can let our intuition, spiritual side and psychic nature take the lead.

Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are a bit too close to the Moon and Sun to create a sextile, a grace. Instead, they cause a minor squaring. The Moon and Sun seem to be asking, “Can you take advantage of this potent creative energy with a sense of worthiness? If you fall into illusion about your worthiness, you will create from lower energy.” We do have the additional prompt from Mars, also in Pisces. It is far enough away to lend the graceful support of a sextile energy to us. Mars in Pisces will ask us to continue to refine our creations to higher states. We can purify the thoughts we choose to focus on and the words we choose to use as we create. Do our words and thoughts nourish the seeds and flowers we are cultivating or do they scorch them?

We also have Mercury’s support, as the Moon and Sun sextile Mercury. Mercury is at the potent 0 degree point in Gemini. Again, what are we saying and thinking about our reality? Our reality will conform to our words and energetic vibration. Mercury feels at home in Gemini, which it rules. At 0 degrees, Mercury is expressing its purest essence. Mercury will turn retrograde on May 11th and although it turns direct on June 5th, it will not be clear of its shadow until June 18th. During its retrograde we will be reviewing communication, short distance travel, neighbors, and K-12 education (Gemini), as well as stubbornness, worthiness, and money (Taurus).

Pluto is still in Capricorn and is retrograde. It is receiving positive connections from Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. By taking our time to do all the R’s- review, revise, regroup, rework, rest, reflect- we can slowly chew on the wisdom of how we can create new foundations and platforms in our lives and our world.

Uranus conjuncts the new Moon and Sun. We are called to be innovative humanitarians and think outside of the box, but also to ground those ideals. We need to find practical ways to express them in our physical reality.

Chiron in Aries is still asking us to be aware of where we still feel victimized by our own uniqueness and take responsibility in healing that shadow energy.

With four planets in water (Pisces) at new Moon, plus the Earth and South Node in water in Scorpio, we have quite a watery influence. Many planets in water can cause feelings of depression, emotional overwhelm or lack of motivation/ energy. We can experience what the Sabian symbol for Earth described as the drowning man in a flood of emotions. With the South Node in Scorpio right now, we can feel thrown back into old dramas, panic, being emotional stingy or explosive, drinking to escape or being the rescuer.

I spoke a few months ago about tight walkers walking across a tightrope with a pole to balance. As we (humanity) make this journey from the South Node in Scorpio to the North Node in Taurus, we can take comfort in knowing this is not a small thing or a journey for the faint of heart. The South Node in Scorpio holds our deepest emotional hurts and pain, our truly outdated emotional patterns that handicap us and cause us to get in our own way, and all the taboos of the world we encounter that makes us feel shame, guilt, fear, rage and anger. Scorpio’s house holds the energy of things beyond our control, where we lose our power- it is the darkest of the dark. We are in a process of walking out of those old patterns of humanity and finding our way into Taurus’ field of potentials. Taurus holds the patterns of self-worth, our soul voice, life mastery, abundance, financial maturity, spiritual groundedness in the material world and blooming new gardens. All of these things are waiting for us as a humanity. We are the ones to cultivate the new patterns by finding the Light within us. We can distinguish between where we find negative, lower vibrations within us from where we find the darkness within us. The darkness is not negative; it is a void filled with potentials. What our consciousness brings to the darkness within is what we will end up bringing to Light in our world. Our emotions can definitely stir the pot of whether our vibration is at a lower or higher level when we are finding tapping creative muse within.

While the North node in Taurus is not yet close enough to the Moon, Sun or Urania to aid us, we are moving in that direction. By the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on 5/16/22, the Sun will be conjunct the North Node, pushing us to align with the lessons and gifts that Taurus brings us. Planting seeds of a Taurian flavor (balance of our spiritual and material worlds, staying grounded and centered, looking before leaping) now will have the added benefit of the Sun’s light at the full moon.

Last month we had all planets in the bottom half of the chart, all of us tucked into our own inner being. This month we have all planets on the West side of the chart at New Moon…moving us out of the “Me first” reality and into more of the “We” quality.

With the Path of Fortune in Virgo, we can find a sense of purpose, something to dedicate ourselves to or a way to be in service to something greater. This would be a way to find success in grounding our sense of Oneness and divinity with the current Pisces energy.

Saturn is Aquarius is giving us the focus to continue to live from the Law of Love. Love of ourselves, love of others. The comfort of knowing we each belong in whichever groups and associations we have because we bring our unique essence to the table and share it with others. Saturn is positioned halfway between the South and North Nodes, helping us to stay dedicated, devoted, disciplined, and determined along our path. We can find the delight in the process. The journey humanity is taking across this threshold can be arduous at times but the footprints we leave will guide the way for the next seven generations. We are not only making this trek for ourselves, but for those who come after us. What ideals do we want to behold and leave behind?

This blog was originally posted on on 4/29/22 with me as a guest blogger.

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