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The Quiet Night of Becoming New

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23, 2022 at 4:57 pm

By Carrie Gane

This new Moon feels very quiet in true, introspective Sagittarius fashion. The planets have pulled their energy inward and are not arcing much of their light towards other planets. We don’t have all the active, chaotic energy exchanges between planets that we’ve had for the past several months. The few connections made between planets now are overwhelmingly supportive and graceful. On Wednesday, 11/23/22, Venus and Mercury will join the new Moon and Sun with joy and benevolence through their conjunctions and Jupiter in Neptune will also lend its gifts of Oneness, creativity and gentleness. 

At this new moon, I see an image of planets silently hanging in the night’s sky, twinkling Light, reserved and poised. It feels like snowflakes will start to fall before long. This image made me reflect on the darkness of this new Moon and what gifts it brings us. There is a wonderful book I am reading right now called “Waking Up to the Dark” by Clark Strand. Strand talks about a time before the invention of modern electricity when people were naturally in the dark from sun down to sun up, except for candles and fireplaces. People of that time period fell into a pattern of going to bed earlier and being in bed longer. Yet there was a natural gap in their sleeping. They would have what was called a first sleep of the night for about 4 hours, followed by about 2 hours of “quiet rest” where they were neither 100% awake or 100% asleep, followed by second sleep of the night of another 4 or so hours. 

This in-between time of “quiet rest” was a time to embrace the darkness of night and be open to it. The worries of the day had fallen away. This in-between state was known as “a fourth state of consciousness”, where people would feel the calming balm of connecting with the Divine. Studies show this in-between state produced the hormone Prolactin. Prolactin is also called the “attachment hormone” because it creates feelings of serenity, peacefulness and intimacy between us and another. Yet, as Clark points out, it is “biologically tied to the darkness”. These dark in-between hours of “quiet rest” may be when we come closest to experiencing a state of well-being and Oneness with the Divine.

Stay with me here as I show you why I believe this is so important this month. We are entering Winter this month and the darkest time of the year. Sagittarius is our guide into sacred silence and leads us to a place of rest. There is nothing for us to try and do this month. Simply being with the Darkness brings integration, understanding, and healing. It brings us into the loving embrace of the Divine’s Grace.

The Sabian symbols for the New Moon and Sun at 2 degrees Sagittarius is “The ocean covered with whitecaps.” An inner truth, an inner process, an inner renovation is taking place in the darkness within us. Yet, this great transformation is happening deep below the water’s surface. This Holy process is concealed and hidden from our view at this time. What we see instead are our “whitecaps”, the turbulence and choppiness of our daily tensions, stressors and worldly upheaval.

But we are granted the grace of darkness- especially during that in-between time of our night- when the Divine nurses and nurtures us. In this nightly experience, we can take “quiet rest” in the tranquility and deep love of the Divine’s presence, if we will give it entrance. Try not to run away from it, turning on the light. The quietness of the stars this month call for us to have this experience of reconnecting to the Divine under the dark night’s sky. 

“Santa Claus filling stockings furtively” talks about rewards and gains in the spirit of giving. “Santa Claus” comes from the Dutch and German name for the patron saint of children, Saint Nicholas. A “saint” is know for their holiness and virtue. “Santa Claus” is associated with the spirit of selfless giving and the giving of gifts to children. 

Children still believe in Santa Claus. But do we? And why is there a need to “fill stockings furtively”? Well, the middle of the night is when gifts are given by Santa Claus. Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, is actually known as the “Santa Claus planet” in astrology because it is the giver of gifts. Maybe “Santa Claus filling stockings furtively” refers to the precious time between our first and second sleep when we have a more open mind and relaxed posture. It is when the Divine slips in and blesses us with a calming balm to our souls, our hearts and our minds. It gifts us with feelings of total peacefulness and contentment, like the “attachment hormone” felt in the darkness by babies nursing or lovers after making love. Our stockings are stuffed with unconditional love, bonding, peace and benevolence while we are in our “fourth consciousness”. This must be done secretly before we stir from sleep and wake our rational mind though!

Now let’s look at our planetary aspects- how the planets are behaving and how they are connecting with each other. 

Looking back over the past 6 months, I see that every new moon since the Gemini moon in May has had an average of 8-10 squares and oppositions at the new Moon. This creates quite a bit of challenging energy and a lot of “cosmic static” and tension in the air. This new Moon in Sagittarius is our reprieve. With only 2 squares and 1 opposition, we have a chance to bask in some graceful, soothing energy.

This new Moon occurs in the first degree of Sagittarius. Each month we have moved backwards through the degrees, with each new Moon occurring a degree or two earlier than the previous one. We have been counting back to 1. Now at 1, Sagittarius initiates a new beginning by releasing fresh, new energy. Sagittarius is the philosopher, the adventurer wanting freedom of movement to explore and reach higher, Universal truths. 

In the first degree of Sagittarius, the new Moon and Sun may feel more like Aries energy, since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is the pioneer, leader, active and impatient. Aries is a fiery energy that in its lower vibration is a warrior energy. Be careful not to get caught in Aries tendency to run forward without planning, crashing and burning with too much youthful action. Sagittarius has too much maturity for that. Use Sagittarius’ new Moon to start fresh within and just be quiet. There will be plenty of time to act on true inner guidance over the next few months.

Mercury and Venus will help us with this. Both will be in Sagittarius and joined in support (conjunct) with the new Moon and Sun. This brings us rest and healing to our thoughts (Mercury) and our relationships/values (Venus). Last month’s energy of Scorpio may have brought challenges and endings to our lives to wake us up. Now we can receive the healing balm after the storm. Sagittarius’ generous nature is like sitting next to a small, warm fire, letting it soothe our mind (Mercury) and warm our hearts (Venus). 

Mercury and Venus also both trine Chiron. In giving ourselves time to simply sit by the Sagittarius fire and warm ourselves, we can bring understanding to our healing, acceptance of our individual path and our journey. At the same time, Mercury and Venus will semi-square Pluto in Capricorn. We can let worn out foundations give way to stronger, expanded foundations for better stability within.

We also have additional support as we move into the new energy fields of Sagittarius. This support comes from the fact that we currently have 5 planets and 2 luminaries (Sun/Moon) in mutable signs right now. Mars and Earth are in Gemini, Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces and Mars, Venus, the Sun and the New Moon are in Sagittarius. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) have a changeable nature. When planets are in a mutable sign, they like to do a review, make any final edits or adjustments and wrap things up. Any changes we feel guided to make this month will be easier since we are already in the flow of leaving behind the old and expanding into the new with a fresh start.

The new Moon will conjunct Sun, Mercury and Venus. The Moon will also trine Jupiter in the final degrees of Pisces. This new Moon will have no challenging aspects (from other planets arching light). That is definitely a grace for us. This is prime time to let our emotions go quiet and again, feel the peacefulness within of a warm fire crackling, a dark night of benevolence wrapping us in its embrace. 

The Sun will not have any challenging aspects from other planets either. The Sun simply joins hands with the Moon (conjunct) and arcs the grace of a trine to Jupiter. Jupiter is in Pisces and will help us to get past the “whitecaps on the surface” and go into the depth of the Ocean, into our Oneness. There we will find our sense of connection with life, with our inner guidance, with the Universe. Neptune in Pisces is also here next to Jupiter, giving us watery entrance to our Divine Oneness. 

We only have 2 squares of tension at this new Moon. One is Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces. Gemini gives us the ability to make choices and use discernment. Neptune can bring us a sense of Oneness or lead us into illusion. Will we make choices based on our truth or make them in illusion? With Jupiter joining (conjunct) Neptune, we can let Gemini the talker go quiet, go into the silence within (Sagittarius/Jupiter) and connect to the Oneness to find out what our truth is, then make our choices with discernment.

The other square is between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus (still retrograde) in Taurus. Uranus is still joined (conjunct) with the North Node but their energy is separating now, as they have already had their closet contact with each other earlier this summer. We need to stay connected to the voice of our soul (North Node in Taurus) and use our inner Light to guide us in building our new inner and outer foundations. We can keep a steady focus on taking one step at a time, bringing a little more of our inner Light forward each day. Our North Node in Taurus is guiding our way through the voice of our soul. 

Lastly, Mars (still retrograde) in Gemini will trine Saturn in Aquarius. Another place where we can receive healing this month. We can quiet the Gemini mind and again go to its zodiac polarity, Sagittarius. Allow the gift of darkness and the warming, quiet fire of Sagittarius to bring you peace and relief. Let yourself feel the unconditional love the Divine has for you. Feel it embrace you in the darkness. The Darkness is still changing you and you are still adapting to it, if you’re willing. Saturn in Aquarius will continue to bring the light to ignite your next states of being when it is time. Right now, you are in the quiet night of Becoming New.

Happy Thanksgiving to each person reading this!

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