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We Are A Web Of One - New Moon in Aquarius 1/21/2023 at 2:53:02 pm CST

By Carrie Gane

Symbols of the Change We Are Undergoing

I am going to start this month with the Sabian symbols. The Sabian symbols give us two images of the flavors of energy we are experiencing this month.

On one side of the cosmos we have the new Moon and the Sun. These two energies are always holding hands at new Moon time. This month they are in the sign of Aquarius in the 1st degree. The Sabian symbol they bring forth is "An unexpected thunderstorm".

On the opposite side of the cosmos, we have the Earth. Earth is the grounding energy that shows us our physical foundation and our sense of purpose. At this new Moon time, our Earth is in the sign of Leo in the 1st degree. The Sabian symbol the Earth brings forward is "An epidemic of mumps".

What thoughts or feelings come to mind as you look at these two images?

"An epidemic of mumps" "An unexpected thunderstorm"

Leo shows us how to be proud of who we are as an individual Divine human. We are to share our talents and our energy. Our soul wants to shine brightly through the energy of Leo. Leo also teaches us how to have self-dominion over over thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Aquarius' focus is to connect to our inner Light held within the energy centers of our body- our chakras. How could these unexpected thunderstorms and epidemics effect us?

The symbolic idea that comes forward when these two polarities are brought into balance are an awareness of "infectious ideas and their aftermath" and an "unforeseen benefit or detriment".

How can our ideas infect ourselves and others? What aftermath does it cause?

If we begin to understand how our thoughts and ideas effect not only others, but the entire fabric of the Universe and Life itself, we can sense whether we are reaping benefits or bringing detriment through infectious ideas.

Infectious ideas can get into our cells, our bloodstream and affect our wholeness.

  • How can an infectious good mood affect others around you? How can one person's focus on joy, peace and kindness effect the vibration of everyone who comes in contact with them?

  • How does another person's projected fear of others spread and grow into a mob mentality of anger in the group?

We are all connected. Each of our souls are like one cell in the giant body of the Divine. Although we know ourselves as separate beings, we are just beginning to understand the energetic tapestry of Light rays that we are part of. As Divine humans, we each emit our own individual “signature” Light ray. Our Light rays are weaved into the energetic fabric of all Life. These rays go out and connect to everything else- humans, animals, trees, plants, lakes, objects, etc. The energy we send out affects those around us- the other cells in the GIANT body of the Divine.

  • An thunderstorm releases a burst of energy that helps clear away static energy and brings freshness. With an unexpected thunderstorm, there could be sudden releases of energy to clear away the old. It could also be an unexpected gift of sudden awareness or understanding, something to be celebrated. We could receive "big ideas, profound messages".

Epidemics, plagues, floods and extreme weather have taken place in history during times of a rise in vibration, a step up in the evolution of human consciousness and our Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a living, energetic being that goes through periods of purging of the old to re-balance nature and allow stagnation, pollutants and decay to be cleaned up so re-calibration of the land, the soil, the oceans, the air and the water can occur. During this time period, humans have to do the same re-balancing and re-calibration of their bodies, their emotions, their thoughts and their beliefs/perceptions or they will become stuck, atrophy and develop dis-ease.

Our chakras are where we hold the Divine Light of ourselves. How are we radiating our energy out into our world? How are we letting our inner Light bring us fresh awareness and illumination of how sacred we really are?

Connecting to our chakras can brings us new levels of healing, empowerment and soul awareness. In keeping the energy centers of our body in good shape and learning to connect with them, we can hear what is needed to stay in healthy alignment within our bodies.

Bringing Benevolence and Healing to Our Deepest Wound

On January 1st, 2023, Jupiter opened the door into the very 1st degree of Aries. This indicates a new beginning for us. Aries is the beginning energy of the zodiac, lending its innocence and fiery nature to start a new cycle of creation.

Because Aries is a cardinal sign (the first runner in a relay race), it is a potent placement to begin a new cycle. At the time of the new Moon on January 21, Jupiter has traveled to 4 degrees (in Aries) and is beginning to blend its energies with the asteroid Chiron. We will feel the effects even stronger next month as we will move into a tight conjunction from February 21st until March 31st, 2023. This blend of energies will be exact (two planets occupying the same degree) on March 12, 2023.

The relevance of this conjunction is in the benevolent nature of Jupiter. While Chiron represents the deepest wound within our psyche, Jupiter is a light-bringer.

Where Chiron can plunge us into our inner darkness and cause us to feel unlovable and hopeless, Jupiter reaches out its hand for us to grab hold of. Jupiter lifts us back into the light. This allows us to begin 2023 with the knowing that it is very possible for us bring grace and healing to our deepest wound (Chiron).

Jupiter conjunct Aries is a rare occurrence, occurring approximately once every 12 years. By opening up a new cycle in Aries, we are supported in leaving behind the darkest parts of the wound we have carried into this life. As we heal it, we transmute its energy into wisdom we can share with others, especially those who suffer from a similar wound.

If you have done healing work to date, you can know grasp the wisdom of the lesson and expand your knowledge, empowerment, sense of self and joy in being you. Now is the time to turn that wound from lead to gold, allowing you to feel the empowerment of overcoming the challenge, learning the lesson, and helping to pass your wisdom on to others!

If you have not yet address the wound you brought into this lifetime, represented by where Chiron shows up in your astrology birth chart, you may feel pushed to seek therapy, healing or assistance now. You will be greatly supported by the Universe in doing so now and in the coming few months.

No human was born without knowing on a soul level what wound they agreed to experience in this lifetime, dictated by where Chiron was at the time of your birth. This choice was made by you and your angelic counsel before you were born. Having your birth chart read can be very helpful in deciphering the deep wound your soul chose to experience in this lifetime and how it aids your soul's growth.

The Grace of the New Moon

The new Moon and Sun are also connecting with Jupiter in a spirit of grace-filled opportunities. We have the chance to capture new inspirations and insights about ourselves. Connected to Jupiter, this new Moon can show us how to release false perceptions that keep us feeling like we don't fit in with others or that we were not important to the group. Mars, finally direct in Gemini after 2 ½ months of being retrograde, is ready to make decisions about which thoughts we are going to believe.

Are we going to embrace uplifting, infectious ideas about ourselves, our lives, our worth? We have plenty of grace and support this month between the new Moon, the Sun, Mars and Jupiter to do so. Jupiter says grab my hand and let the inner flame of creation rebirth you – into the next version of your greatest, Divine human- sacred self. Your I AM.

The Earth is also assisting at new Moon time, giving us a fresh start in the sign of Leo. Leo is ready to step forward, proud of who we are and what talents and gifts we have brought into this world. It is time to shine our light and let the world see us.

Venus and Saturn will be very close, conjunct at Venus 23 degrees and Saturn 24 degrees at the new Moon. Saturn can bring a somberness to Venus' energy in areas related to love, money, what we value and how we value ourselves. Saturn brings structure. It is a foundational energy. Both Saturn and Venus will be in Aquarius at new Moon time.

This is where we can use the energy of Venus conjunct Saturn in a delightful way. Whenever we are tempted to say "Who am I to be this, to do this, to let my authentic self show, to be unusual?” Venus will answer with “You are a needed part of the collective, just as you are with your own uniqueness”. When our inner saboteur starts clamoring to question our right to be free, to freely be ourselves, we can use the energy of Saturn.

Holding hands with Venus, Saturn will say "Remember who you truly are. Capture the higher knowing, the ah-has, the insight that YOU ARE LOVE. You are Creative Expression. Then building your foundations of self-love and self-respect on this foundation of knowledge, for this is the truth.” Feeling in touch with this knowing, we can be free to just be ourselves and letting our inner chakras shine and illuminate our world. Who we are is perfect. We are needed just as we are!

Pluto is conjunct both the new Moon and Sun. This can point to where we are undergoing a transformation. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are continuing to be impulsed by knowings, higher truths, and higher vibrational frequencies through our Crown chakra (found just above the top of our head). If we pay attention, we can capture the sparks of these new ideas, concepts and awakenings as they flow down through our other chakras. This opens a doorway to understanding our trans-personal nature, the part of ourselves that exists outside of just our body and our five senses. It is our energetic connection to all of Life and to the Divine. It is our awareness of the parts of us that are eternal- our Spirit and our Soul. Allowing ourselves to purge the limiting beliefs that we are not connected to all of Life and the Divine allows us to rise into our higher knowing of our Divine nature.

Pluto is nearing the end of its time in Capricorn. Capricorn rules business, status, climbing the corporate ladder and career success. Beginning in March 2023, we will get the first taste of Pluto moving into Aquarius. This will be a game-changer. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from 1777-1797. I will speak more about this during the next two months.

Pluto is a transformational energy. In the sign of Pluto, we saw corporate and business establishments tumble, crumble and transform. We saw Light being shed on injustices by those at the top who had misused their power.

Aquarius rules humanitarian endeavors, societal changes for the benefit of all, and the power of our energy as a collective consciousness. When Pluto moves into Aquarius, we will begin to see how our world in transformed by agendas that treat all people as equal, focus on the greater good and develop Universal/global projects that benefit humanity, nature and all beings. We will see a shift from the structure of long-held traditional ways of being, thinking and doing to newer unrestrained, freedom-giving and unorthodox ways of being, thinking and doing.

These new energy configurations are yet more signs of humankind moving into an evolution of consciousness where more Light and Peace will be found within us and brought into our world. I feel that for those of us who are sensitive to energy fluctuations and have felt the harshness of energy clashes, this will bring some relief. We will still be witnessing and participating in the great clearing that happens when the Light is brought into areas of darkness to clean up our trespasses and release our old, tired patterns. But some of these planetary energies are lifting us into the Newness and you can see the helpers reaching out to us this month.

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